Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Victorian Princess Tea Party

Tea for you and tea for me.
Will you please come for tea?

The kingdom has been in preparation as the Princess wished to have a very special tea party for her birthday, as you may recall from this earlier message. Three young princesses were invited, but only one could accept the invitation as the other two were previously obligated. No matter, though, as my Princess was overjoyed even with just the one.

Preparing for tea...

This tea pot was brought from Florida from our great aunt's place. It is musical and plays "Tea For Two" when lifted up. The three boxes hold one precious gift in each, a bracelet of fresh water pearls with one rose quartz bead, for each of the invited guests; two will be hand delivered at a later time.

With all in preparation, the Princess awaits for her guest princess to arrive.

She passes the time by reading books about princesses in her princess castle tent, a gift given to her by her Royal Grandparents some years ago.

Her guest arrives. A servant (me) curtsies, "Welcome, Milady." The Princess also curtsies and welcomes her guest princess into her castle tent to show her around and chat. Soon afterward, they are presented with a choice several exotic teas. They both choose English toffee tea. While it steeps and then cools, the guest princess chooses to have her face painted with a blue butterfly with white polka dots to match her dress.

The Princess chooses a smaller design near her eye.

May I pour your tea now, Milady?

Will you be taking sugar to sweeten your tea, Milady?

The Royal Baker (me) created a cake depicting the kingdom.

Just a closer look...

The princesses are served the cake.

The cake and ice cream meet with approval!

Afterward, the story of The Princess and the Kiss was read by the Royal Story Teller (me) followed with games of Hot Potato, Blokus, sword fights, and just being giggling girls.

All the things my now nine-year-old Princess loves.

~ Thank you, my Lord, for giving us this child nine years ago. She truly has been a princess graciously given to us by God, as her name means. ~


  1. Beautiful! Princess is so beautiful in her dress, she looks like she really enjoyed her tea party. The cake is so lovely, you are very gifted. Happy birthday to princess.

  2. I am fascinated to see how you solved the *party* dilema. Brilliant idea. So appealing to little girls. And having done enough Birthday Cakes of my own I must say that is impressive. I don't think I ever reached such inspired decorating heights. May we assume your girl & her friend had an absolutely wonderful time? ☺

  3. Birbitt: Thank you. The dress was obviously a flower girl dress that I picked up at a seasonal consignment sale two years ago for $10 and there is nothing wrong with it at all...except in a few more months it will no longer be fitting her.

    Ganeida: I have made many cakes decorated with butter cream icing, which cause me back pain for days afterward. In the last few years, a couple of rolled butter cream fondant cakes, which are shiny and found they were easier on my back. This one was my first rolled fondant with a matte finish. I learned some things while doing it that I would do differently next time. I like doing a few cakes a year for special occasions when I can.

    Our guest princess was a bit shy with the play acting, but she also enjoyed it. Of course, the girls seem to like it the most when they were left to just play on their own.


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