Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Falling Off the Face of Cyber Earth

Ever notice that even the busiest people are never too busy to tell you just how busy they are. ~Unknown

Unfortunately that quote is not always true, at least not with blogs. Once in a while I search for bloggers having similar interests and I find an interesting blog, but the blogger had not posted in months. It causes me to wonder: What makes those of us, who blog regularly, keep doing it? Is it that we have too much free time? Are we just urged to write by something unnamed deep within? Is blogging our safe connection to the world outside? What is this impulse we have and will we someday tire of it, will I?

Will some of my favorite people in Blogland just stop writing without explanation or announce their departure? Will their blogs end up on the cyber pile of has-beens that someone might run across someday and wonder, as I do, what happened to this person?

What if I just stopped writing? Would anyone really miss me I just fell off the face of cyber earth...that is, just stopped blogging, emailing, and even calling friends and family. I know that a few people would notice, but generally, this is just one little self-indulging blog among a sea of thousands, hundreds of thousands...and of those hundreds of thousands, how many just stopped blogging and I did not notice?

Let's face it, we all rely on these forms of communication, but it is a fragile connection, really, and it could one day just stop. I think of these things when I am really busy and have little time to write about my activities. My desire to share must be balanced with my limitation of time to do so. Just so you know, my list of to-do's for this week includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Preparing outgrown clothes and toys for a consignment sale that I must drop off on Monday.
  2. Designing program covers for the spring piano recital that must be done by Thursday--two days!
  3. Having my daughter prepare a drawing and a painting, which I must mat by Saturday for a competition.
  4. Clean my house before my husband arrives home, hopefully Wednesday night...yes, tomorrow. I still have errands and the last piano lessons before the recital on Thursday, which will give my husband a day to change time zones and putter around the house on his own.

My project that I was doing while my husband was away is at a good place, not complete, but I am pleased with its resting place while these other things take priority for now.

The next three Saturdays are spoken for as well:

  1. This Saturday is the Nazarene Children's Talent in which the Princess has entered into four categories: a poem, a drawing, a painting, and piano. This is an all day event with a two-hour drive one way.
  2. Next Saturday is the piano recital and rehearsal is Friday evening.
  3. The following Saturday is the 4-H Spring Fling in which I face paint all the day.

I also have no idea where my husband will be working next week yet...if he will be driving or flying. Some things are rather concrete and others are up in the air.

And so, I am not falling off the face of the real earth if I don't write much the rest of this week...well, I hope I am not. Most likely though, I am either busy or exhausted from being busy.

~ My Lord, thank you that I am able to show through example how to commit using my talents in contribution to others, teaching my daughter to do the same with her talents. ~


  1. Know the feeling. ♥ I blog through the busy times 'cause it keeps me sane ~ which may not be saying much but better than how it might be. Have a great week. See you at the other end! ☺

  2. Blogging...It's nice to have an ear to hear you thoughts, wishes and dreams, to lend a word or two of encouragement...I certainly would miss you if you didn't blog and I just found you a few weeks back!
    Thank you for the informative comment you left on my blog. I found out that this laptop has a reformatted file in a partition (really, I sorta get what that all means but it is still pretty 'Greek-to-me!) and so far, praise the Lord!, it's working! We prayed before we got started and here we are!
    I have to chuckle at how something so uneternal, this laptop, is still cared for by God because He knows it means a little something to me!
    Isn't He just awesome?!
    I hope you enjoy your weekend and sneak in a little rest now and then ;)

  3. Ganeida: I just feel a constant undercurrent of things that I must do, which includes writing article due at the end of the month, and then I have to write something in my blog as well....sometimes it gets to be too much. However, my breaks are usually not that long as you well know.

    Mrs. Bee: I am enjoying your blog as well. My blog breaks are usually no longer than a week because...well, I am just talkative, as my friends who have been unfortunate to give me their phone numbers will tell you. I am just overwhelmed with stuff to do, but I will sneak in a post in a day or two, most likely. After the consignment sale items are prepared and the recital covers are printed (because they did not get done by Thursday, but I have approval on the design although I have to do the layout again because my computer glitched and did not save it--I need more memory to do the graphics that I do) or maybe in between the two...maybe...?

  4. I'm a new blogger and find your thoughts on blogging interesting! I love to read your writing. Thanks for your honest comments on my blog too. You really make me stop and think! I am taking your advice to heart, though it may not appear so at the moment. :) You inspire me.


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