Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Working My Way Out of the Plan

Plans get you into things, but you got to work your way out. ~Will Rogers

After blundering my last post, I felt I should explain some things that are going on "behind the screens," that is the computer screens, those flat windows connecting us through the Internet and yet masking so much of our private lives. If I give you a peek behind the screen, maybe you will be able to understand why I am not quite as focused in my writing at this time.

As you know, my husband started a new job some weeks ago now. First, he had to spend two days in Chicago to finish paperwork for the corporate credit card and to pick up his computer and cell phone. Then he came back Friday night to be home until Saturday evening when he would fly out again, because he had to travel to the United Kingdom for training. Now originally, he was supposed to be in the UK for only two weeks (Plan 1), but while he was in Chicago, he emailed his itinerary to me and I noticed that his return day was three weeks later, not two.

He was going to be trained on two machines (Plan 2): the newest one is a two-week class and the older one is a one-week class. Okay, now the other thing is that the corporate credit card was not ready for him when he left so all of his trip is going on one of our credit cards at this time. Yes, that has had me a bit worried because his hotel bill is in the thousands. It is not that I am so worried about the company not paying it as I am the limit on the card! However, I just keep thinking and reminding my Lord...and being reminded by my Lord that He saw all this before it happened and He had prepared the way for it all to work out.

We have been Skyping each other when possible, which is not a perfect way to communicate, but far better than nothing at all and it is nice to see the other person when talking. However, my husband loaned his laptop power cord to his boss, who was there a few days for some meetings, and his battery was dying off when we were talking. That is the last I heard from him for a few days. I do not do well when we are out of touch more than a couple of days...I have done it, but I just do not do as well.

We finally hooked up on Skype yesterday and he told me that he would need to stay two more days because the second class is a not a five-day class but a seven-day class and he was just waiting on confirmation from his boss about changing his travel plans and hotel stay. Later I received the itinerary with him arriving Wednesday evening (Plan 3).

So, there is good and bad in that. The bad being obvious and the good...that has been my secret (MY Plan). I have been working on a huge project (I cannot tell about here yet because once in a great while, my husband checks in on my blog and it is supposed to be a surprise) that I could use the extra days to get it further along. I am not sure if it will be completed, not sure if such a thing is ever really competed, but certainly about where I hoped it would be before he returns. And...I have to clean the house too.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I broke my fast on Monday, achieving my goal for dropping five pounds so I have the energy to all of it. (Of course, today is my regular fasting day so I am fasting today.) Now I just need to get off this chair and away from my computer right now and just do it!

~ My Lord, please keep me motivated to do what I need to do this day and every day. ~


  1. I hope your project turns out good,I know it will! Sorry about all the delay's with your husband.Sounds like you are going to be busy.Blessings jane

  2. Wow, thanks for explaining. Good luck with everything. I appreciated the words of comfort you left on my post about my nightmare. You are so right about needing to experience the emotional extremes so that my art can be genuine. I am grateful it happened in a dream. God bless you.

  3. Sniggering away here. Now what excuse can I give for being addle~brained? lol Enjoy working on your surprise. ♥

  4. Jane: I did well today. Much more done than I expected!

    Shanae: Thank you and you are most welcome.

    Ganeida: Addle-brained...and I never even noticed!


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