Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Doing Some Things

Happiness consists in the attainment of our desires, and in our having only right desires. ~St. Augustine

As stated in my last entry, I have been busy, very busy, and I generally like it! If feel more fulfilled and productive and worthwhile and pleasantly exhausted at the end of some days. I do have some time wasting habits that I would still like to change, but even so I am doing a lot, actually getting so much done.

I have always busied myself, but the difference I think is I have been tackling those things I had planned to do and just never got to. I decided that some tasks just seem overwhelmingly big to me, which freezes me from even starting them, but lately I have been breaking them down as one small task of the big plan and then the next small task. The really odd thing is I am not really planning it all out, just fitting this and that into my time. My thoughts are more like this "I can do this while the Princess practices piano" or "I can get this started at least" or "I have an hour so I should be able to do this in that time."

I have to tell you that it is nothing that is natural for me. I mean I am cooking dinners when my husband is home and even looking forward to it! Who is this person? (By the way, he likes cooking.) I have prayed to be more like this and then sometime in the last few weeks I realized I was like that. Also, I am stronger than I have been in the past with more stamina, which is something I usually do not have.

All I can say is that I think God is answering my prayer and changing me without me working so hard at trying to change myself. I love that! I have always told people that we try to change ourselves the hard way and the easier way is just to ask the Lord. Whenever I want to lose weight, I ask Him and it does happen...not immediately, but it does happen.

I know that God is not a genie to grant me my every wish, but I also know He loves me and wants to give me things I desire as long as He sees those things as good for me also. Apparently, I am making a few better choices.

Excuse me, please, I have some things to do now.

~ My Lord, thank you for all the things we have been doing and the things we need to do. Thank you for keeping us in good health and being able to enjoy the changes in our lifestyle. Thank you for Your wisdom and Your gracious giving. ~

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