Friday, November 25, 2011

This Pain is Not My Own

The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure,
but to avoid pain.

I took the mitten kittens, Sharii and Midnight, to have their rabies shot about two weeks ago to a mobile veterinarian unit that does this service and others at greatly reduced rates. They suggested other shots as well, but I am not one to like loading the body with all kinds of things at the same time as I think it can overwhelm natural healing processes. I gave them both two pellets of the homeopathic remedy Thuja 30x immediately after the shot and another pellet later that day. Then they were given one twice a day for two more days and they had none of the ill effects that I usually see in our animals in the following days.

I also made an appointment for the kittens to be fixed--odd term, as they were not broken--the day before Thanksgiving (two days ago) with the same mobile service. I hated doing this, really hated it, but we simply cannot have two litters a year of kittens. Besides, I had concerns about how closely related the two kittens are.

I gave them a bath the night before and placed them in a large area penned off in our garage removing all food and water. We had to be there by 7:30 AM with each cat in a separate carrier. I put Sharii in the the sturdier one for good reasons. As we were told what we should expect post surgery, I wanted to scoop up my kittens and drive back, but I left them and drove home dealing with my mixed feelings. Later, when I thought of them I felt one of them under anesthesia.

When I picked up the kittens, they were lively and awake. I gave them two pellets of Arnica 30c and placed them back in the pen. We were not supposed to give them water for another two hours, but I felt they were ready for a little after the Arnica and they kept it down well. We were told to keep each cat separate, but I felt the kittens would not be playing hard with each other, they just rarely do now that they are older.

I peeked in on them several times and gave them some food and another pellet of Arnica that evening. Most of the time they were curled up together sleeping. Apparently, the Arnica was helping with the healing and the pain. I say this because last night, just before I gave them their pellet, I was beginning to feel quite a bit of pain in my own abdomen--being empathic has its downside--but it was better after they were treated. This morning when I awoke, however, I was nearly doubled over and I realized this was mostly Midnight's pain. For the female cat, it is like a hysterectomy for a woman and is very painful. The male is probably nearly as painful, but lacking the corresponding parts, I can only get a feel of the pain in a general area. I also think Sharii was benefiting from the Arnica more than Midnight.

The problem with being empathic is that I cannot get rid of pain that I am feeling from other people or animals. There is no way to guard myself and I have no control over what I will feel or not feel, or to what degree. The only way to alleviate the pain I feel is to relieve or heal the one from whom it is coming and not everyone is receptive of being healed. So, I can be stuck with their pain. Thankfully, cats are not complicated in that way--many other ways, yes, but not that way. Actually, animals and children are far more receptive to receive healing than adult humans.

So, little Midnight and I cuddled up together for a few minutes and I prayed for her. In just a few minutes the pain I felt began lifting and now is mostly gone. I prayed for Sharii also. The kittens are sleeping together now and I am able to bake today as I planned.

~ My Lord, thank you for my awareness of others' pains so that I motivated to help them and may they be more receptive to healing. ~


  1. Oh. My.

    You know I am a strong believer in desexing ~ we have a huge feral problem out here due to dumped animals. So cruel & I just cannot understand it but our animals have always been sooo relieved to come home & pretty spry again by the time they do come home I've never thought they might still be in pain! Your kittens are blessed to have you! Hope you are now all doing better.

  2. If the kittens could reason that I purposely had them cut open to have such vital parts removed, I doubt they would feel blessed to have me.

    I just hope they both heal well and quickly.


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