Sunday, August 26, 2012

Autumn Consignment Sale Madness

By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest. ~Agesilaus

I am still around, just very busy. There has been much to do with getting the praise and worship service together each week and being on the church board (and I have not even begun to work on the Missions Ministry, which is why I am a board member). I have been making an effort to stick to my homeschool lessons schedule, although it needs some tweaking, and get back into a weekly routine, but then...

it is that time of year again!

I am considering the quote I chose and if this is sowing frugality, I am wondering why does it feel so enslaving? I am selling in a consignment sale at the end of the week but I had to drop off my things today at 5:00 pm. I spent the better part of the last three days getting everything together, cleaned, put on wire hangers as required, and tagged. It seems the Princess has spurted again. Even shoes we bought just a few months ago are too small! She is still thin but taller and I think finding jeans that fit her waist and are long enough in the leg is going to be challenging.

The thing about consignment sales is that clothes cannot be tried on, so I often get more than I would because I am guessing the fit--although I used to work at a higher end department store in junior clothing and can be pretty accurate at sizing. I usually like to get some things that are bigger than she currently needs for the on-going growth factor.

So, Wednesday night the Princess and I will be shopping the seller's pre-sale and I will pick up my check and whatever is left over on Saturday. Then I get to start all over again with those left-overs and enter them by the 10th of September, Monday, for the next consignment sale for which I registered. I will shop it also on the following Wednesday evening. Thursday morning we will stop at another to shop in the morning and if I have any stamina and money left, we might try to go to another on Friday night, although that one has not been worth it as much in the last couple of years. I used to sell in it, but I the last three years I sold in it I just did not so well in the autumn oddly--spring was usually okay, but the clothes really had to be cheaper than the other sales.

It is worth it though...I think. Well, I have convinced myself of that most of the year until zero hour, at least. I usually break about even on the clothes I buy and the clothes I am selling, although it is getting more difficult to find clothes in sizes that fit the more she grows. I think tween girls wear out their clothes more as they grow slower than younger children but are still more active than teenagers.

Well, time to wrap up my fresh-baked bread and go to sleep. Tomorrow morning we go to the horse barn.

~ My Lord, there are times I wonder about the priorities in my life and about my lifestyle. Please guide me to keep in line with Your priorities and thank you for the opportunities You have provided for me save money here and there. ~


  1. I must live on the wrong side of the country, we have ONE consignment sale around here that I am aware of and while the prices certainly are reasonable I just do not find the clothing to be worth the effort. Glad you do well however, since girls are so much more costly to clothe than boys!

    1. I just looked up what Bargain Watcher has in Arizona and you are right--it is pitiful! Perhaps you chould suggest having one at your church to raise money for a certain ministry, which typically gets 30% of the sale here.


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