Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

I received the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead kit for review as BzzAgent. The first odd thing is that I was asked if I had an extracting type of juicer in opposition to the blender type. I have both a Green Machine and a Vitamixer. I don't know how one could do the program without an extraction juicer so my first question would be: If I already have that kind of juicer, what would be the benefits of this particular program over whatever juicing I am already doing? From that standpoint, I saw no unique benefits.

Getting past that, I tried to put myself in the place of a person eating the average American diet, when I popped in the DVD to watch Joe Cross buying produce from roadside vendors, although I could not help but notice that Joe did not ask as to what pesticides or fertilizer they used on their plants, which was a concern for me. However, there are references to the benefits of organic produce also within the material. Amidst educational and colorful cartoons to add comical relief, Joe describes his plan to fast on fresh juice only for sixty days. Everyone he interviews thinks he is crazy and it is sensationalized with that reality TV flair that is very popular today, so it was entertaining and inspirational in that way. Joe had been ill and overweight for years and after many interviews, he finds Phil who not only has his same autoimmune disease and general health condition but later takes on the same challenge. After their respective fasts, Joe and Phil both look healthier, of course, but they also stress that they needed to make lasting changes in their lifestyles.

I think the Joe Cross' introduction to juice fasting with the RebootYourLife program is wonderful for those who have never considered fasting, who have never considered that they are eating themselves sick, and who do not make the connection between food and illness. He gives an encouraging and informative presentation. I agree with the premise of it, because I was also ill and since have been a health advocate for many years. I have even done many juice fasts and water only fasts over the years including a water-only fast once a day every week. I am well aware of the detoxing and healing benefits of fasting and juicing and organic foods. With this in mind, perhaps anyone reading this can understand that I personally did not find any of the information, juicing recipes, or drinking the juice itself to be anything new or groundbreaking, but I appreciate his style in introducing people to juicing.


  1. Good to know! I would love to do juicing, but do not yet own a juicer. Guess I need to get one huh? :)

    1. I used to juice far more than I do now but I was feeling the tug to juice more even before I accepted this BzzAgent kit. I do believe it is very healthy, but as people did report on the DVD, it cuts into one's social life, just like fasting does. Still, when you see such dramatic improvements in someone's health, you can see it is worth it.


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