Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Little Girl Growning Up

We've had bad luck with children; they've all grown up. ~Christopher Morley

While out on an errand on Tuesday, we drove past a little store in the historic area of a nearby small town. It was a warm day and the front door was open. Glancing over I saw a pink nightstand. Now I have had it in the back of my mind to get the Princess a proper nightstand since she has really taken responsibility for organizing her room to her liking and maintaining it in a orderly fashion as well as cleaning it every Saturday―on her own and with zeal, I might add. (I am living the dream!) This has been going on for a few months so I have been looking for a white nightstand, white because the girl's room is pink and the shelves in her room, which originally was a large hutch of a china cabinet most likely, are painted white. I have been looking in thrift stores when I can but I just have not been finding anything.

The Princess asked if we could go back to see it, so we did. Upon closer inspection, it was a refinished piece done in pink, but distressed with the presently popular Shabby Chic look. It looked as if it would be a few inches lower than the surface of her bed and she did not like that so much, but otherwise she liked it. The price tag said $65 and the signs on the door read 20% off the entire sale. I told her we would think about it and we finished errands.

By the time we arrived at home again, the Princess was sure that she wanted it and had planned to pay for it herself with the money she had received as gifts and had been saving. I told her to measure the height of her bed and take the yardstick with us when we go back. In the evening her father suggested to her that she try to bargain with the shop owner to get a lower price. Even though I knew the price was reasonable as well as affordable for the Princess, we discussed her plan on the way there Wednesday afternoon.

The Princess was armed with the yardstick and all her gift money. I looked the piece over again to be sure it was functional and sturdy, and then I sat down in a chair to remove myself from the transaction. The shop owner was an easy mark and did not even know what hit her. The Princess looked over to her as she was sitting behind the counter and asked if she remembered us from yesterday. She did and then the Princess asked how much it would be with the 20% discount. Dazzled by the Princess' awkwardness, the lady blurted out that she would take 30% off before the child could begin her bargaining. Originally tagged at $65, it now was $45.50 plus tax, leaving it at under $50. Briefly, the Princess almost looked a bit disappointed that she did not get to bargain with the woman (or perhaps she was just taken back in surprise and relieved). Recovering, she confidently said she would take it.

My part was in the transport to home and carrying it into the house. Once in her bedroom, the Princess went to work emptying the three-drawer plastic cart that we had been using as a nightstand. We originally were using it in the closet when she was younger for odds and ends toys. As a nightstand it lacked a top rigid enough not to bow down in the middle so we had not placed the lamp on it. Now the Princess has a level study surface double the size to place her things on the top and two large drawers, which are quite organized now.

~ My Lord, thank you for Your guidance as my daughter grows up taking on greater responsibilities. ~

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  1. That is a lovely shade of Pink! The princess did a great job choosing, and it looks just wonderful in that spot.


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