Friday, January 15, 2016

The Safe

When a strong man, fully armed, guards his house, his possessions are safe. -Luke 11:21

When we refinanced the mortgage, we needed to take out a bit more than we owed to pay off the balance for the siding and windows as well as the forced-upon-us buying of a newer vehicle. My husband is also convinced we need another shed to store some of the things that are in the garage and cluttering up the yard, mostly scrap wood, building materials for rabbit cages, and the larger lawn/shop equipment. This should allow us to keep our workout area clear all the time and make a couple of cozy places for our outside mitten kittens that come in during bad weather. So, by taking out a larger loan than needed for the outstanding mortgages and these expenses, we had little extra money just before Christmas to buy the new dishwasher when our old new broke...again, and the new stove my husband could not pass up because it was such a deal—I will get back to that in the future with a post all on its own, and the large gun safe that we have wanted for many years.

We went back and forth with trying to decide on a safe, what we wanted as to size, fire protection rating, and price range. Tractor Supply in general had the best sales prices on safes and the Canon wide model was ideal as to size and price and fire rating, but there were two things we had against it: the interior was really cheap with the felt ready to come off and the inside hinges does not allow the door to be taken off. We read many a review and message boards about what people did and did not like about the gun safes they had and one of the main things was the hinges being on the inside.

Now I would have thought that inside hinges are more secure because outside ones can be cut off, but actually when the door has several bolts in all four directions, the hinges only serve to swing the door open when it is unlocked. Being able to remove the door makes it easier to move by dividing the weight between two pieces rather than all the weight in one piece and those who had to move their safes commented quite a bit on how this would be an important factor with their next safe, should they ever get one. The other benefit of outside hinges is how wide the door swing when opened. Interior hinges can only go 90° and exterior can go up to 180°, which may not be a big deal for some but it can feel rather crowded if two people are grabbing guns and ammo in a hurry.

So, we spent a few hundred dollars more on a safe that had a very good fire rating with outside hinges that was also heavier. The only downside to the one we got is that it is taller and narrower than we were wanting, especially for placing it in the basement room with a low ceiling. We have mere inches and that means it cannot be tilted much as they move it from the garage it has been in since before Christmas. My husband is looking forward to organizing all our firearms, which will clean up a great deal of clutter in the basement rooms.

The "they" mentioned are about three or four of my husband's friends that are coming tomorrow. It is nice to have friends like these. So nice that while they are here, I am going to be asking they to get sliders under the feet of my very heavy china cabinet. Then I can begin to get the rest of the wallpaper off from behind so that I can work on finishing the dining room and kitchen...finally! I mean, we have been living in this house for 18 years and I have yet to anything with these rooms.

Just one more necessary step in working on the renovations.

My Lord, please bless these men coming to help us. I ask that no one is injured and all goes well.

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