Thursday, November 11, 2010

Computer Problems

The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back. ~Author Unknown

Yesterday I went onto a website and the next thing I knew, it looked like something was being downloaded and then...BAM! I cannot get my computer to come up at all. Fortunately, I am married to a computer savvy kind of guy. I think my data was backed up about a month ago, so I will not lose much if we have do the the worst thing, which is reformat the hard drive. However, it will take some time to reload programs, although I might have to do that anyway even if we don't have to reformat.

We have other computers so I can get online. I am using our gaming computer right now, which has not been turned on for at least a year because who has time for games? However, I do use my laptop for other really important things, like homeschool records and creating homeschool materials, so I am feeling a bit down this morning. Fortunately...and is my errand day. My husband can work on it while I am gone and not hovering over him, but last night he purchased an external drive enclosure for my laptop's hard drive so he could access it and it did not work. Now he needs to find one that will with only one computer store around before I have to leave on my errands or it will be several more days. He does this stuff all the time so he is patient and careful, but I have seen him when it is his own computer and I know that he finds it far less stressful when he is fixing any computer belonging to someone else.

You never really realize how nice you have everything set up on your personal computer until you have to use another one. I don't have bookmarks! I don't have mobility! I don't have all those nifty programs and graphics! I don't even have Firefox and I so dislike IE for my browser. I have to remember my online access to my email!

All this on the day I have to leave earlier because my daughter has an hour piano lesson so we have to be there earlier and my husband was hoping to have the van to himself this evening, rather than working on a computer.

Some good unrelated news:
The last van repair not only fixed the oil leak but Pegusus stopped burning oil too, which meant that she probably was leaking only when she was running previously and the engine is still in good shape overall. Happy dancing here!

My oven is working again and I made sourdough bread and sourdough biscuits. My husband told me yesterday that he really likes my bread. That put a smile on my face at a time when I was feeling like the I had been a bad teacher because my daughter could not even tell me what an adjective is, which she has been taught and seemed to know for some years and should be able to recall at anytime and now we are going to be spending lots of time reviewing, but no matter, my husband likes my bread!

~ My Lord, You know how much I rely on this technology, particularly my PC. Please let it be easy to resolve and done quickly. Please? And, thank you so very much for my husband. You chose wisely for me. ~

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