Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not Today...Facebook

Oddly enough, Facebook has little to do with faces and nothing to do with books. ~Unknown

Long ago I used to subscribe to forums. I do not now. I visit one of a handful of forums about once every three to four months...out of boredom, I guess. After reading just a five of the most recent post titles, I remember why I do not do forums anymore. Yes, I may miss out on some great deals on homeschooling materials for sale or the latest news on the local forum, but honestly the forums are pretty much the same year after year. The names may change but the questions and answers, opinions and arguments, rants and praises are the same.

I admit that I have met most of my very best friends through message boards, so I should probably be more appreciative of them, but like all things, forums had their season in my life and now that season is over. I am not one to look back in longing once I have let something go.

I do like blogging very much and I have met interesting people through it, as well as deepened some "post-forum" relationships. I know that one day its season will end also...but not today.

I am reminded quite often of how much I am behind the times with social networking. Nearly every day Facebook and Twitter are referenced, but I have resisted. Perhaps I have a very low tolerance for social network overload, because while the format may differ, what people do with them is basically the same.

Yesterday I found out (in an old fashion way called "conversation") about a large Facebook group for homeschooling families in my area. No doubt it is full of information about local events and materials for sale (I have some things I could sell!), the kind of things I used to see on a local forum. I even know the woman who started it and some of the people in this group...and there may be a new potential friend or two in that group!

I am so tempted, so very tempted, to become a Facebook member just because of this, but then I am reminded of how hurt some of my friends have been by things placed on their walls by "friends" and family members. Yet, there have been a few good stories about Facebook too, like a mother finding her son who left home years ago with no word.

I am not sure I want to find anyone or to be found...perhaps it is the residual of a painful past. I prefer to stay lightly veiled online, not using my real name. I have some hurtful people in my life and I do not wish to give them easy access to temptation, which will harm their souls.

There may be a season when I change my mind, but...not today.

On the lighter side of it all...

~ My Lord, please bless the people on Facebook who think carefully before the type and thank you for reminding me that I do not need it in my life at this time. ~


  1. I hate FB. I play too many games waiting on my children arriving home so I can pick them up from a boat in the middle of the night but it has it's uses. You do NOT need it. I have teens. I need to troll the thing. lol

  2. Ganeida: I am thinking of leaving the "teens" completely off with the Princess. She will just be "thir" in three more years. Do you think that will work?


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