Friday, January 27, 2012

Knocked Down

The appearance of a disease is swift as an arrow; its disappearance slow, like a thread. ~Chinese Proverb

I did not touch my computer at all since Monday. Did you miss me?

There is nothing like a good old fashioned stomach bug to make me appreciate the normal things in life, things like: food being digested after eaten instead of violently rejected (or ejected, might be more accurate); having energy to feed your pets; sleeping without a chilling fever, stomach cramps, every joint in your body aching; not being concerned how far away is the closest bathroom or bucket; and just things like that.

The Princess began complaining about stomach pain just as we were finishing lessons on Monday and her evening was trips to the bathroom continuing until around 11:00 PM when she finally slept peacefully. I called that evening to say we would not be at the horse barn the next day because I was not sure how she would be. She was no longer getting sick in the morning, but she would not eat and needed to rehydrate. We watched Netflix together on the couch and by late afternoon, I was in the same condition she had been just twenty-four hours before. She would have to go outside to feed the rabbits on her own, which she had not done before, but it is not a difficult job.

My husband was out of state. I did not talk to him Tuesday evening nor Wednesday morning as the Princess took his calls. The Princess fed the rabbits again that morning. We again camped out on the couch all day watching episodes of Stargate Atlantis, drinking lots of water and juice and light soups, eating little. Our stomachs still were not "normal" although we were not getting sick. I had a fever all the day and took a four-hour nap in the afternoon.

My husband came home Wednesday evening and that is when I found out he had spend a day in a hotel room all alone with the same symptoms, plus more. As I lay in bed on Thursday morning, I was feeling pretty well as the fever had broke during the night, even though I still ached everywhere. I hoped we could do our errands and make the piano lesson as the Princess as a judging coming up very soon and her teacher cancelled on us the week before because of her own illness. However, after I had been on my feet a few minutes, I knew those plans were a wash. My husband ran a few very necessary errands as the cat food was depleted, before he left for work.

I felt so well, while sitting on the couch, but up and moving, not so good. I have tried to eat...some, but the appetite does not bounce back quickly with this thing apparently. The Princess is still struggling with that too. So, here it is Friday and I thought for sure I would be well enough today, but the energy comes and goes and my appetite has still not returned even though I eat some. We again spent most of the day on the couch, but my daughter was a bit more restless and is now playing a game on her computer downstairs in the office/homeschooling area. As you can see, I turned on my computer, so I guess we are starting to feel better finally.

We do not know if it was food poisoning or a stomach flu. I am not sure it matters. I am just very happy it is ending.

~ My Lord, thank you for good health when we have it and take for granted the simple things in life that we can do. ~


  1. So glad you are all feeling better,and these bugs do often hit out of the blue,thankfully yours has passed. Blessings Jane

  2. Well, it seems that several people at our church were struck with this illness at the same time and while we did have a dinner after the service last Sunday, I was coming off my fast and had brought my own food. It is likely that we were all exposed the week before to a virus. However, I am still having some problems when most people felt well after two days. I still do not feel well when I am up and moving around and my legs are weak, even the muscles are sore, but I feel fine when sitting still or lying down. It's weird and getting to be annoying!

  3. So glad you are feeling better! WOW! Stomach bugs are the worst! I've been wondering where you've been lately.

  4. Have missed you. ♥♥♥ Glad you're on the mend again.

  5. Stomach bugs really knock you out, don't they. I hope you are completely well by now! I'm the type of person who is a terrible patient. I don't like being sick, and I usually try to get up before I should, which knocks me down again. Or I try to use my shoulder before it fully heals and end up hurting for a month. I'm my own worst enemy. :o)

    Peace and Laughter and Health,


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