Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Planner: Keeping It Simple

It is very hard to be simple enough to be good.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have dragged out an old 5.5 x 8 inch personal planner that I thought I might want to use again someday. I guess that day has come. I have downloaded several software planners, but I have come to realize that this is were I part with technology. I prefer something I can physically write on rather than type, because typing to-do lists tends to make me more anxious for some odd reason, although I would also prefer something slimmer to carry around. I have been eying my husband's recently acquired iPad and the special stylus pen so it can be used to write notes. (Yes, I could just use my finger, but I doubt it would satisfy my desire to write.) I think an iPad could be the compromise that might work for me. Besides replacing my current planner, I could see me using it for reading eBooks, connecting to the Internet, jotting down notes anywhere, and....well, there is so much one can do with an iPad, if one has the money to get one and I do not, so I will do with what I have.

Remember my chore index cards? I have been doing very well with this system. I added a printed morning chore list as I had mentioned previously. I thought about printing more but I like the flexibility with having space to write in the rest of the day's chores, errands, thoughts, and whatnot.

I suppose I could get fancier adding colors or background, but I like bring frugal and the simplicity works well for now. Right now my planner has sections for my prayer list, homeschool, books, and garden. My prayer list grows and grows. The homeschool section has a reminder to-do list to prep for lessons and where I organize history lessons and write down resources I would like to get. Books is for writing down thoughts and quotes from books I am reading so I will do better review of them. The garden section is for planning and list of seeds, so I will not buy any more packets for what I already have (and yes, I have some duplicates and even some triplicates).

My daughter has gotten into the act too. She been telling me to cross out "little" in the listing of "Do a little gardening" and to write in "lot of" because for the last four days we definitely have been doing a lot of gardening. Oddly, I do not have even one sore muscle, which I chalk up to working at the horse barn, but I do feel physically exhausted overall. Doing lessons today, my fasting day, has been challenging in that way and another--she is turning eleven at the end of the month and has a recital on the same day, need I say much more? Today, I just want to sit and read or nap, my preference being whichever wins control over my mind at any given moment.

~ My Lord, thank you that we have made a good change in our home that not only is workable but that is being worked well. ~

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