Thursday, June 7, 2012

Making God into Our Image

Jesus Christ did not say, 'Go into the world and tell the world that it is quite right. ~C.S. Lewis

I was listening to a local radio talk show when I heard the hosts discussing a poll on their blog. It asked to which political party do you think Jesus Christ would lean towards. Although I cannot seem to find the results online now, they reported the highest percentage was Libertarian at around 25%, with Other a close second, and Republican and Democratic following respectively. Understand this is not a religious station, but one that has conservative talk shows so that would be its base. However, even knowing this, I was sickened by the results.

I am conservative and I would like to believe that Jesus was a well, but I would not dare to suggest that Jesus would lean Republican or Conservative Libertarian or even Constitutionalist, the latter to which I am relate closest of the three.

I cannot speak for Jesus, but He is the King, the Right Hand of God! I would think He would have a Theological Government...and that would have come under Other in this poll. Shouldn't Other have been nearly 90% at least? The other part about which I wonder what else "Other" represented to the other voters.

I know it is just a silly poll, but it suggests the climate of our society and the lack of understanding of who and what Jesus is. Why do we all think Jesus would align with any of our political parties? Is it that we want God to fit in with us...instead of us fitting in with Him? Are we so arrogant that we seriously believe that God would not completely do away with our petty political parties?

I find it very disturbing.

~ My Lord, may we be very careful in how we represent You, even to ourselves. ~


  1. I find a good deal of what passes for Christianity deeply disturbing. We are talking about a person who made a world that could not scientifically exist if water, the only substance I'm told that does this, did not expand when frozen yet also dreamt up butterfly wings, the bumblbee [who should not be able to fly being aerodynamically wrong] & the hummingbird, who can fly backwards. It just shows how small & petty human minds are. Who cares? I'd rather know the God of the bumblebee & the hummingbird.


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