Monday, September 17, 2012

Product Review: Luster Premium White

As a BzzAgent, I received Luster Premium White to try for my honest review. First of all, I have to confess that I have never used a teeth whitening product other than toothpaste now and then. I have never really seen much improvement before and I have four teeth that tend to be darker than the others.

There are a few things unique about this product: each treatment takes only a few minutes, a special light is used during the treatment, and it is not suppose to make teeth sensitive. It has twenty treatments in the kit with each treatment taking just a few minutes. These treatments can be done one after the other taking about an hour in total or can be done over time. I did ten treatments when I first received the kit and then the remaining ten treatments (five in each) in two sessions of a week apart.

After brushing my teeth I used the special mouthwash, which takes only about ten seconds, to cleanse the teeth and prepare them. Then I painted on the whitening formula being careful not to get it on the lips or tongue. Afterward the light was placed in front of my teeth while "smiling" so that the treated teeth are well exposed.

After the first ten treatments, I noticed that all the treated teeth were lighter, but the four darker teeth had the most noticeable improvement. Although still darker than the others, much less so. The following five treatments did not show as much improvement nor did the last five.

I was very pleased, since I have sensitive teeth, that it did as promised in not making my teeth more sensitive, but I was a bit disappointed with how many treatments it took to see improvement and I wish it had been more effective. Still, I was very pleased that it only takes a little time to do as much as it did.

I would recommend this product for anyone with sensitive teeth wanting to use a convenient tooth whitening system at home, but it may take more than one kit to get the desired results depending on how effective it is in each individual case.

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