Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Song of My Heart Weeping

This simple song just whispers all the things my heart desires at its very core but often does not know how to put into words. It is the most humbling prayer in song. Singing it...just its echo in my mind brings me to a quiet, weeping place with the Lord. Try it and see....

~ MyLord, please...
Search me, know me
Try me and see
Every worthless affection hidden in me
All I'm asking for is that You'd cleanse me, Lord

Create in me a heart that's clean
Conquer the power of secret shame
Come wash away the guilty stain of all my sin

Clothe me in robes of righteousness
Cover my nakedness with grace
All of my life before You now I humbly bring ~

1 comment:

  1. What a beautifully powerful song! Brings tears to my eyes, and it's simply perfect. :) Thank you for sharing.


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