Saturday, March 14, 2009

Competition Canceled

Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it. -Eliza Tabor

Today the Princess was supposed to be in a competition, supposed to be. She had practiced and prepared, she was ready. Unfortunately, the Children's Talent Day lacked in planning and organization. The registration forms were finally made able online just under two weeks ago and the only two families that sent in the registration fee, other than members of the hosting church, were from my church, so I received a notice on Thursday it was cancelled. I suppose that was the responsible thing to do.

Like most everything, I have feelings on both sides of the issue. I am disappointed for the Princess because she enjoys performing so much and I had been pressing her to practice her chosen song to perfection. It was not a new piece, she had played the same song in the beginning of December for a pianothon, but it is quite a lovely song and showy to play also with her left hand crossing over the right several times. I was also looking forward to just spending time with my pastor as she drove the nearly two hour trip.

However, there is also relief. I was quite concerned about my pastor's health as she was not able to walk without assistance the last few weeks and seem to be getting worse. I was concerned about her going to the church outing scheduled the night before and then the competition the next day. It seemed like much to me knowing how tired she can get when she has these neurological flare-ups. As it is, she has been in the hospital the last few days and I probably would have needed to go alone.

Needless to say, I was not looking forward to being gone the entire day while my husband stayed home so he could pick up my consignment sale clothes that did not sell, which is now something I will be doing soon myself.

Also, it freed up our schedule so that we could go with other church members to spend two hours at an indoor play center with those huge inflatables that the children jump on and slide down, which we did last night. The Princess, of course, enjoyed herself.

Thank you for choices, my Lord. Even when disappointing things happen, help me to choose to see the best in every situation. My Lord, please bring healing to my pastor and give her family peace also.


  1. That is disappointing. Your Princess is doing well. Hand crossovers are hard. Piano is not really Ditz' instrument though she really likes it ~ just not enough to work hard at it. :D It is good for her visually & she applies what she learns to other instruments. lol. Your Princess could play rings round her I'm quite sure.

  2. I doubt she would be so good at piano, if she was practicing two other instruments plus voice as Ditz is. I don't know how you find the time to do academics, too!

  3. Well, realistically the time is there if Ditz would just apply herself but what drives Ditz is art & music not academics. Back in *the Good Old Days* we'd have apprenticed her out to a musician to learn her trade but sadly that got outlawed along with using kiddies to pull donkey carts along tram tracks underground in the mines.

    Once the foundational stuff is learnt the rest is window dressing & sadly geared towards college ~ which is more of the same, highly academic, & it is not achieving the results our respective governments say they want. Personally I believe the the conspiracy theories about this point. Governments don't want thinking, intellegent populations. They want easily controlled mindless masses & our public schools are doing an excellent job of providing those.


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