Monday, March 16, 2009

March Marching On

I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble. -Helen Keller

It rained lightly all day long. On days like this the Princess does not mind doing lessons as much, although if given the choice she would probably go for a movie and popcorn in a heartbeat. However, today she practiced piano and even tackled her math lesson without complaint. What a blessing that was! In fact, she was rather polite all day today. She drew some, as she tends to do if we have some time between lessons or if I am busy with another task, but she seemed to be in a quiet mood most of the day.

I find rainy days the best for bread making. I suppose it is the extra moisture in the air, but my loaves always turn out just right on those days. I had put my sponge out last night, as is done with sourdough, and put the other ingredients together this morning. This time I added some whole wheat flour and kneaded it three times during the day. It should be ready to bake in about a half hour and have just enough time to cool before I turn in for the night.

After spelling lessons in the afternoon, the Princess was in a reading mood. Although she voiced a small groan when I told her to get the book The Secret Garden, like always, once she started reading it, she got into the story. It is supposedly a book at the 6.5 grade reading level and yet there are very few words that stump her and it sometimes is rather comical what she will come up with when she just takes a stabbing guess at a word that she does not yet know. When we started it, we would take turns reading. It is not a easy book to read aloud because some of the dialog is written in a Yorkshire accent, which I attempt to speak to give authenticity--the operative word being "attempt." Although the long chapters are broken up sometimes, the Princess has been reading it all on her own lately--even in her own version of a Yorkshire accent!

For dinner, I thawed the turkey stock I had frozen made from our Christmas turkey and made a nice warm turkey noodle soup. I also baked some biscuits to have with it. The extra warmth from the kitchen was just enough to take the chill out of the house and reduce the humidity at bit. Maybe that is why I actually enjoy cooking on cool, rainy days.

Presently, my husband is busy machining a part that he needs for a machine he is servicing tomorrow, so I decided to spend this time I have alone reflecting and sharing one of my typical days with you.

Thank you, Lord, for the humbling tasks you have given to me for they all are great and noble.


  1. Yes, cool rainy days are days I enjoy baking too. Now all mine can bake on their own & I will often come home after a harrowing day to find a meal made or a sweet treat has been made & is waiting. Lovely!

  2. We are having a *mental health* day today & doing a trip ~ taking camera, won't be around, taking both girls & a friend. The cat's not speaking to me. ;)

  3. I so wish I could take one of those, especially today. I hope you take some of pictures to share!


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