Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Abstract Sequential Teaching an Abstract Random

I like to draw from my imagination spread out.
~The Princess at 8 years old, August 4, 2009

The Princess and I share a abstract traits, that means we both like to use reason and intuition. However, we also differ in some very pronounced ways. I am a Abstract Sequential (AS) and the Princess is a Abstract Random (AR). True to being an AS, I tend to like having things in some kind of order, but the Princess naturally dislikes order. I am sure that you can see this one difference alone causes a bit of friction for the both of us at times.

The thing that I often have to remind myself while I can prepare her lessons in a logical sequential order to please my idiosyncrasy, I have to randomize how I present them to her or the poor child is just as unhappy with the sequence as I would be if they were out of sequence. It is quite challenging and requires compromises.

The Princess has always loved books. She actually cries when she sees anyone mistreating a book. I have emphasized to her at a very young age that she needs to be gentle with books, that paper once creased or torn or written on cannot be restored to its original condition. I can trust her with some of the oldest books I have. We both relish that old book smell. The Princess prefers pictures books mostly because she does not really enjoy reading itself, especially chapter books. Even though her reading skills are more than adequate, she would prefer I do the reading so we often take turns. Now, she does enjoy reading what she wants to read when she wants to read, but not what she is required to read when she is required to read, and she has a greater love for fiction than non-fiction.

Lately, I have been going to the library more often. When we go, the Princess is required to get at least three non-fiction books: one about a person, one about a place, and one about science. While this gives that bit of structure which works for me, it allows for her random trait to be nurtured also because she has the freedom to pick the subjects herself. My thinking on this is that she, like most children, really learns about the things she chooses to learn. The downside for her is that she still has to read them to me out loud. She also can get a number of fiction books, which she is a bit more enthusiastic about reading.

One love we both share is art. Every day, the Princess draws or paints something. She tends to do this soon after lessons are over, as if she is treating herself by being expressive without any structure. In fact, a realization practically smacked me in the head today. The Princess had an Eyewitness Book about cats out on the table. (Eyewitness books are full of pictures and bits of information.) I suggested that she try to copy one of the cats on the cover. You see, I loved trying to copy pictures as a means of learning drawing techniques, but that would probably be a sequential trait, because I immediately received look as if I was criticizing the picture she was in the middle of doing even though she had not started it. Even as I tried explaining the purpose of copying and reminded her that she had just read about how Michelangelo learned to be a great artist by first copying artwork of masters, she just looked at me as if I was trespassing on her own little private domain. I then realized she already had her picture done in her head and she felt I was robbing her of the pleasure of getting down on paper just by suggesting she do something else. With unexpected maturity, as if I just did not understand, she said that she had her own way of doing things following with "I like to draw from my imagination spread out."

Such are the challenges of this AS with her AR daughter. Sigh....

~ My Lord, there are times I feel inadequate, but You are there. You are ever beside me ready to provide strength and wisdom. Please bless my daughter's education and guide both of us to bring out the best of each other through the traits we share and through our differences. ~


  1. lol. I so get now why you think Ditz & the Princess are sharing a brain! lol Oh my ~ & she's not into her teens yet.

  2. Don't remind me! I am thinking I need start stalking up on Valerian and chocolate now.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your insight and spirituality that you share in your posts. You are truly enlightening and inspirational to me. I am so glad that I found your Blog :)


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