Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking That Leap of Faith

Professor Henry Jones speaking about the search of the Holy Grail to his son, Indiana Jones: When we get to Alexandretta, we will face three challenges. First: "The Breath of God. Only the penitent man will pass." Second: "The Word of God. Only in the footsteps of God will he proceed." Third: "The Path of God. Only in the leap from the lion's head will he prove his worth." ~Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Have we received that Holy Grail, that answer we wanted about our church? Should things go back to normal in our lives now? The 40-day fast has been completed, which meant for some people that they could choose to continue without some of the things they gave up or go back to the way it was. Of course, there is no question that I would begin eating again, except that today is Wednesday, which is my regular fasting day. (I have to say that the weirdest part was the feel of having food in my mouth again. It felt almost foreign, but I suppose one would have to do a long fast to truly understand that.)

I feel, though, that this humbling of ourselves before the Lord is just the first of our challenges laid before us. In my home, we still have no TV service. We don't seem to be missing it, particularly me, which has been a surprise. The Princess seems fine without it also. We do watch a DVD now and then. However, I am enjoying the quiet of my home and my mind. We have not even been listening to music or the radio much at all in the car or at home. In the past, quiet sometimes has made me feel lonely, but this time it brings me peace and encourages me to talk to my Lord more. I even talk on the phone less than I used to do.

I don't want to go back to business as usual before this fast; something from it should leave a lasting brand on my spirit...on my lifestyle....but, more importantly, in practicing my faith. I think it will do the same for many individuals...I hope so, at least. I want to go forward on the path to the Word of God, in His Footsteps.

My husband and I might be going against the grain when it comes to the direction of the church body in general, I think. We have decided to double our tithe for the next three months and it will be a sacrifice for us, particularly with Christmas coming, but this is what we feel led to do. We also are going to become very active and supportive of our one and only outreach ministry, Angel Food. We are going to act on what we have been led to do. We feel the fast was only the beginning to help our church begin to understand what God is calling us to do. Like a food fast, every now and then there should be genuine discomfort, real sacrifice, one is willing to make in humbling himself before the Lord.

Decisions about the direction of the church may be made on what is seen, but I have never felt comfortable with church "business" being ran as a "business." There are times the Lord will lead us to do the practical thing and, as long as it is His leading, I am all for it, but we must also be ready and willing to recognize when we are to do the impractical thing, which is based solely on safety net save for God Himself.

I keep thinking of that moment when Indiana Jones takes the leap of faith when it looks impossible. You must...believe!

~ My Lord, please bring all in the church to acceptance, recognition, and agreement with Your will, whatever it may be. Help us be willing to sacrifice accordingly. Help us all to take a leap of faith. ~


  1. Seeking: you have nailed something important. What on earth is the point if things just *go back to normal* afterwards? Something should be changed within us & we should be moving more strongly in the direction the Lord leads. Interesting post. Will be interested to see how it pans out. So nice to be reading someone else's soap opera as oppossed to living my own! ☺

  2. Linda.. I love that you included that clip from Indiana Jones:-D I remember watching that movie and thinking how very like a real "leap of faith" it is. We are terrified, sure that disaster is up ahead... we can see no alternative, but once we actually do step forward: take God at His word, then it's all so clear. And often rather easy too;-)

    Praying for you and for your church too..♥

  3. Ganeida, this is a soap opera? Hon, we have to really talk. This walk over a chasm is nothing compared to some of the real hair raising events in my life.

    Persuaded, would you believe that my husband uses the Indiana Jones theme song for my personal ring tone on his cell? He's so cute. I suppose when I call him I do need saving from some crisis or other.

    As to easy, um, not so sure we are supposed to have it easy right now, but it would be nice!


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