Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My $5 Day (or The Day I Spent Less Than the Princess)...Almost

Industry, perseverance, and frugality make fortune yield. ~Benjamin Franklin

Yesterday, the Princess and I went to see the free movie "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader," which we enjoyed so much! We took a snack instead of having a lunch with us because afterward we planned to go shopping at Kohl's, Michael's, and Target with coupons in hand and special deals.

Out first shopping stop was Kohl's. I had a $10 gift coupon from the last sale because my husband bought over $50 of polo and T-shirts he needed for work. I also printed another $10 gift coupon from an email offer from Kohl's. Another coupon was stuck onto our free newspaper which gives $10 off for spending at least $20. I looked around the store for some items I needed, but I was know that typical cannot find anything you really like at the right price, right size, etc. So I finally found two sweaters, one white on sale for $19.80 (which was pricy still but I was going to get it for free) and one black on clearance for $8.80. These were the only things I really needed as I seem to have lost my white one and have not had a black one for some years but could have used one for some funerals. I use these lighter sweaters so often in the summer because of air conditioning. The Princess found a package of six flavored lip balm on clearance sale for $2.40. Total cost was $31.00. Total cost to me $1.07. This with a savings of $87.00 according to my Kohl's receipt.

Next we went to Michael's, where my daughter planned to spend her 40% off register coupon on a Mad Libs pad, but we found out at the register that it was considered a book and exempt. She got it anyway. We went back to shop some more because I had forgotten my 40% coupon and now I could use hers, so I bought a pair of reading glasses, pink leopard print. My cost was $1.92 total. The Princess spent over $5.00.

At Target we were looking for an alarm clock for the Princess as hers was no longer ringing. She decided on a pink digital one for $9.99. I did not buy anything...$0.

Then we were tired and hungry. I had promised to get a milkshake at Steak 'n Shake during the Happy Hour between 2 and 4 because that is when shakes and drinks are half price. We order one key lime shake to share as we usually do, but large this time. My cost $2.13.


Okay, it was over $5.00.

...and to be perfectly honest, we stopped at a farmer's market on the way home, something completely spontaneous when the Princess read the sign and asked what is a farmer's market. I said that I suppose we need to stop so she can see it for herself. What an opportunity for an educational homeschool field trip!

We talked to the people. I found a source for raw goat milk and cheeses. I met a soapmaker, two beekeepers, and several small scale farmers, of course. I learned that "low risk" foods do not have to be processed in a commercial kitchen but there are some regulations from a breadmaker. (My daughter is always suggesting that I should sell bread. I am actually now thinking some things over about that.) I found a nursery that carries diatomaceous earth that I use in my gardens as a pesticide that is a bit cheaper for the place I was getting it. It was really nice to talk with the people and they also participate in another larger farmer's market nearby on Fridays as well.

As we were leaving, my daughter asked if I knew all those people, which was only about twelve booths. I said I had just met them. Then she expressed her surprised that I talked to them all and they all talked to me. I said I was genuinely interested in the same things for which they have a passion, so we had something in common about which to talk.

The spendy girl, with allowance money dwindling, bought a honey stick for a quarter.

I was not planning on buying anything.

I did not need anything.

If I had just stuck with that thought and left the market place then I could have lived up to the title of this post...but...

yes, I did buy something.

I could not resist: Citrus Smash (the Princess' pick), Coconut Milk & Lavender, and Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey. Three bars of homemade soap for...$10. I almost made it on just $5 for the day, but I just could not stop myself...sigh! They smell so lovely! I really need to start making my own soap. And the lady was even kind enough to give me some tips and encouraged me to do it!

~ Thank you, my Lord, for such a lovely day and that we were able to get things we needed for so little. I really appreciated meeting such passionate and helpful people at the farmer's market. ~


  1. Sounds like an awesome day! I miss getting out and talking to real people. :sigh:

  2. She speaks! Pam, it is summer there now and I recall a conversation about new walking shoes and the library being close....

    Just a thought.

  3. Um, I've read up on soap making & decided big pots of hot bubbling liquid were not the way to go. Besides soap doesn't like anyone in this house & we all use a gel. Nope, not even the all natural soaps. We get an interesting variety of reactions depending on the ingredients. The only soap anyone can use is the plain Sunlight. Now if you have a recipe for gel...


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