Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Little Inspiration

Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity. ~Bo Bennett

I thought my eccentricity was enough for this family, but either I have mellowed with age or my daughter has aspirations that far outpaced me even when I was her age. I think the child has painted and drawn more than I have my whole life and she has begun writing a least ten books of which I know, even finished a few. I would laugh, but a friend of mine was looking for a particular book Who Owns the Sun? and while I was helping, I found out this award winning book was written and illustrated by a thirteen year old and it published when she was fourteen. Not just a book but an award winning book that we cannot find used for a thrifty price anywhere and this written by a young teenager!

My daughter was already inspired but now, between having been given a book from her piano teacher on Akiane's amazing artwork (another book worth reading--see the picture of her self portrait) and this, she believes without doubt that her wildest dreams can come true and she talks of being published often or selling her artwork by the road to help raise money for some project. She even began a gel pen tattoo business charging her friends from 2¢ to 25¢ depending on the size, not very surprising since I have done face painting for charities.

Lately, the child has been into cleaning and reorganizing her room. She read a good portion of a book called Shameless Shortcuts, which she keeps reminding me that I should also read. Give the child a book and she becomes it! (That could be so useful, thinks I in my mama-of-a-tween mind.) Now her room has truly become her own. She decided that it was time to take out the Living Family plastic dollhouse and accessories. She has been buying items to help her organize it her way. Seeing that she is being so responsible with her allowance, I have talked to her father about increasing it, perhaps doubling it so that she will have $4 a week spending money, while saving $4 and giving a tithe of $2 each week.

My aspirations are small in comparison to my daughter's and most of the time, it is the little things that excite me. I also get inspired by an idea then off I go in, perhaps, a more mature way. Lately, I have been thinking critically of why I do not like to spend much time in certain areas of my home. What I dislike about the area and how to change it so that I do like it. As boring as it is in comparison, I know from a lifetime of experience that I am far more creative when I feel my home is organized.

As odd as it seem, right now I am most inspired about my uninspiring spaces and my daughter's energy. This year my husband and I both have made commitments to organize our home and that can be a rather creative outlet of its own making. I will be on the hunt at thrift store, yard sales, and Craigslist for the things that will improve my spaces. I have ideas to repurpose, recycle, and rethink all sorts of things. I even joined Pinterest which was one more "everyone is doing it" Internet fad I avoided, but I see how it can be put to good use to keep me inspired. Additionally, I have changed the way I am using my technology to be inspiring also.

~ My Lord, may we be inspired in only in the direction You would have us go. I feel You want my daughter to increase in her gifts of music, writing, and art. May I be most useful in encouraging and challenging her as well as she, me. let me also give up those things that are no longer necessary and reorganize my spaces so that they can be used for the purposes You have blessed. ~

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