Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Have a Kindle Fire HD!

Men have become the tools of their tools.
~Henry David Thoreau

All I wanted for Christmas was an eReader. My husband had SkyMiles so, at no cost to him, he ordered a Kindle Fire HD 7-inch. This was far more than I wanted. I just wanted something so I could read eBooks and Kindle Fire has a high gloss screen making reading in sunlight difficult. However, I have since gotten a matte screen protector that works well so that I can read in sunlight. The negative side of that is that it slightly dulls the HD effect for games and movies.

Oh, yes. The Kindle Fire HD is actually a tablet that allows me to watch movies, play games, access the Internet. Just ask me how many books I have loaded. Two. Ask me how many I have read. NONE! That is why I wanted just an eReader. I know my weaknesses. However, one of the books is the Bible and I have read some of it...okay, technically it is a free app with various versions of the Bible.

I have loaded several free apps. I have an app with all my most favorite recipes syncing with my recipe box as I even have one that allows me to take hand written notes with a stylus or my finger. I use it for when I am in a store and jotting down expiration dates so that I know when the items will be marked down or for sale dates and prices. Very handy! I dislike typing in everything with one finger.

So I have plans, lots of plans, for my Kindle Fire, like taking place of my chore index cards and planner system that did not get past the morning chores stage. There are actually apps for housekeeping lists, but they just have not made the app I really want yet. Did I ever mention how picky I am in that way? Hmm. Maybe it is a control issue? So I decided the best thing would be for me to try out the free ones and there is one I like but I would have to write all the chores and put in what days and so forth, because I do not like their schedule.

Until I decide what to do about the Kindle, I have decided to work on my lists in OneNote, cross referencing so that things are listed by rooms, clutter spots, days of the week, intervals, etc. Yeah, really detailed...which is why I have not done this for the three years I have been thinking about it. I have three rooms, the garage, porch, and deck to yet add. I also plan to add seasonal things like deep cleaning, gardening, and more.

Then there is an app to help me keep track of the items in my pantry. If the app were on an android phone with a camera it could scan the barcode, but the Kindle Fire HD does not do this so I have to type in the UPC numbers, but still it does not take long and instead of trying to remember what is in my pantry, I have the inventory with me as I shop.

Yes, lots of plans all of which enslave me to a device that is meant to be a helpful tool. Yes, yet another addition to my growing love it/hate it list of technology.

Still, I am really liking my Kindle Fire HD!

~ My Lord, let not the tool become the master. ~

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