Monday, May 27, 2013

A Reluctant Librarian Part 2

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. ~Henry Ford

I did not think that my first post about our recent experience at the library would need a follow-up post, but this is what happened last Thursday afternoon at the library at the end of all our errands and appointments.

We went to the library to pick up the six Faithgirlz books that were ordered and this time I went in also as I wanted to get my pin number to borrow ebooks. The Princess went to the holds area and got the six books that were bound together with a couple of rubber bands. It was busier than usual and so we waited in the one line, but then another came up to help at the counter. Wouldn't you know it, we were called over to be waited upon by the same librarian!

As she separated the books to be checked out, I noticed the numbers on the books and saw two that the Princess had already read. The librarian seemed frustrated when I mentioned it. She said that she had asked my daughter about the each title and I said that is why I suggested she get the books that my daughter had just checked in. I even reminded her that the child is twelve with my silent thoughts that she as a librarian could not get the right books ordered with the ones she had turned in right there to check against, how did could she expect my daughter to do it.

Now she had to find the remaining two. With quite a bit of sighing, she actually ordered four books. I was not even going to bother asking why not just the missing two. I then got my pin number and the Princess got hers, but I have not loaded the app she needs for it as I wanted to see what books were available first (and it turns out to be a very pathetic few).

As to the ordering of the books, I simply did not see what the difficulty was in looking at the title of a book right in front of the person so that the same book not ordered again. My daughter told me as we got into the van to leave that there were two titles that the library system was using for each book, so some libraries had it listed one way and some the other. Okay, there is title confusion to add to the difficulty, but still the librarian, who is suppose to have more expertise than a twelve year old, had the books with both titles right there on the counter to see last week when these were ordered.

Things like this make my eye twitch.

~ My Lord, I so very much need Your love and patience. ~


  1. Some people just like being difficult. I don't understand it myself but we have the most marvelous librarian here. Nothing is ever too much trouble ~ & she has to deal with both Cait & I. ☺

    1. I never had so much trouble with any librarian, but with the cut backs in our area...well, you get what you pay for so they say. The library now is closed every Wednesday and does not open until 11:00 in the morning too late for us to stop by in the morning before errands when the librarians I know are there. The quality of those working there in the afternoon was never quite a good but now it seems to have slipped down from that too, although one girl seemed to be on the ball and I am going to request her when we need to do this in the future.


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