Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Lisping Phase

The sublimest song to be heard on earth is the lisping of the human soul on the lips of children. ~Victor Hugo

The Princess lost the second front top tooth late Sunday night, when she should have been sleeping because we all had to get to the airport for my husband's early flight and, of course, she was quite tired in the morning so we were destined to have a greater challenge doing the day's lessons,...but let's not go there.

I sometimes miss those wonderful milestones that always delighted me during those infant and toddler years, but there is no going back. Now, the Princess is about to turn eight years old—In just one week, in fact!—and has finally lost the second of those front top teeth, as I did at this age.

I had to overcome a real lisp problem when I was a child and it was not cute, but hers will be a short phase disappearing as the new teeth emerge, and one is peeking out already. I have those same mixed feelings of missing what was and looking forward to what is to be, while trying to savor what is.

Oh, she is so very cute lisping multiple syllable words!

Most children go through this at younger ages, but members of my side of the family are late to lose those baby teeth proving once again that while she takes after her father in looks, she is mine on the inside.

Smile and lisp on, my sweet baby, while it lasts!

My Lord, thank you for this child You have placed in my care. As I see her maturing, I am in a constant state of amazement.


  1. That is so weird how that works. Ditz looks like her dad. Her insides are all me. Liddy looks like me but she's definitely her father's daughter. And your Princess is super cute ~ missing teeth or no missing teeth? Would she like some Aussie postcards?


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