Monday, April 13, 2009

Resurrection Day

A strangely reflective, even melancholy day. Is that because, unlike our cousins in the northern hemisphere, Easter is not associated with the energy and vitality of spring but with the more subdued spirit of autumn? -Hugh Mackay

This quote has meant a great deal to me since I now have a friend, Ganeida, living in Australia. Although I knew the southern hemisphere has opposing seasons to the northern hemisphere, I do not believe that I really thought about how Christmas is a summer holiday and Easter a fall one for them.

In many ways, I think Easter has become too lighthearted of a celebration. Why did Christians ever begin to call it "Easter" rather than Resurrection Day? Perhaps that is why the movie The Passion of the Christ was so moving; It made all that is Easter quite real rather than just a day of festivities. I think sometimes we try to shelter children too much against what my Lord suffered. Perhaps they would view Easter quite differently if we called it Resurrection Day and they did not have a bunny and eggs and candy. The early Christians did not have these traditions associated with the Lord's death and resurrection. Perhaps it should be a more reflective, even melancholy day.

In truth, I am more guilty than most. My daughter was in two egg hunts. One at our church that I described in my previous post and another yesterday. Our next door neighbor has been inviting the Princess over for an elaborate Easter egg hunt with her grandson, four years younger than my daughter, after church services for the last several years. One of the family dresses in the bunny suit and the eggs are not filled with candy, they are filled with money. She is such a generous person and it is very sweet of her. I gave her a plate of my Easter cookies this year, but it is nothing in comparison to what she gives my daughter. This year she received over $10 and two movie tickets with no restrictions!

I will continue to teach my daughter about the true and serious meaning of Resurrection Day, but I also have a philosophy about people, which I believe follows in the spirit of what Paul wrote, so I allow people to be generous with what they have from wherever they are on their own spiritual journey and be graciously accepting. I hope that my daughter learns to be more gracious than I.

On the serious side, the Princess played "Give Me Oil in My Lamp" on the electric keyboard during the offertory. She played it flawlessly and with a peppy beat. It seemed appropriate since my Lord promised to return after His resurrection, we should be ever prepared in our hearts for the moment, keeping oil in our lamps.

My Lord, there are no words that suffice for the sacrifice You made. Please let the children see You as much greater than the bunnies, eggs, and candy so common in our traditions. Let Easter in my home be remembered as Your Resurrection Day and that we are well prepared for Your return.


  1. The seduction of the world is all around us & it is soo hard to constantly fight against it.

    I get some odd thoughts [ok, no snickering in there ;)] & while I was meditating on the crucifixion I thought how the crows would have been gathering. I really hate crows. They are smart & cruel & they have the most racous call.

    There is so much heartbreak in the Easter story if you really stop & think. Until I was a parent I always thought how sad Jesus was separated from his father. As a parent I am horrifed that God lost his son! It is just devestating to lose a child for whatever reason.

    And my favourite Easte quote: Christ was crucified on a cross between 2 thieves, not on an alter between 2 candles.

  2. Crows? I had not thought of that.

    I am not fond of the commercialism and even less fond of the pagan symbolism integrated in Resurrection Day, but it seems that every religion borrows some symbolism from another.

    Good quote!


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