Friday, September 24, 2010

Do What You Can When You Can Because...

Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God's grace. And your best days are never so good that you're beyond the need of God's grace. ~Unkown

You just never know when you are going to go the farm where you have been getting raw cow milk for the last six years and stub your toes on the uneven walk that you have walked over countless times and fall down on your right knee--thanking the Lord it was not the left one you fell on roller skating about four years ago that gets a bit touchy every now and then--and all this while one of the farmhands sits watching about fifteen feet away and does not say a word (even a giggle would have been welcomed); and then drive 25 minutes back home wondering if you will pass out because you have a low threshold for pain and again thanking God, this time for cruise control, which you never use, but seeing how your toe feels like it is being split into two every time you step down, you fumbled with the buttons with a foggy mind and raw nerves to find it still works, although you cannot believe you even remember how to use it.

(Taking a breath!)

You finally get home, without your child screaming and remembering most of the way so you sigh a breath of relief that it is likely you did not pass out, and have to move all the stuff you had moved out of your pantry, because you are reorganizing it too today, and placed on the chest freezer before you left just because you just had to go to nearest Big Lots (a discount store) to get more of those $3 crates because all the other Big Lots you went to yesterday on your errands are out of them, and you were worried when you called and they said they had a lot of them that they did not really mean a lot or that a group of people would beat you there and buy them out. As you limp painfully along moving everything from the top of the chest freezer into the crates you just bought so that you can freeze the eight gallons of milk you just bought, you remember that your daughter, who now is asking to play with the neighbor, still needs to eat lunch.

(Taking another breath!)

And so after rubbing some arnica cream on everything you think might bruise and admiring the skinned knee, which feels sensitive but mostly it is just a scrap, you take some Valerian to calm those frayed nerves as you fix lunch and sit down; noticing you left your computer conveniently on the dining room table, you begin thinking of writing down your misadventure while you eat and rest your injured leg on another chair, because you now do not want to do any more lessons with your child for the day, you just want to make up excuses and perhaps take a nap and start over later...or even not at all, but there is math to finish and that pantry is still strewn all over the place in the garage and tomorrow you simply must get the items listed for the consignment sale next week.


And all this started with this dream of organizing and simplifying your life....

~ My Lord, I don't get days like this but I am sure there is another one of those spiritual lessons in it somewhere and I will probably see it clearly when my toe stops throbbing. ~


  1. Oh, Seeking!!!You sound like me having a meltdown! When I stop laughing [I was meant to laugh wasn't I?] I will send up a prayer for your quick recovery. I think I will be praying in the shower today as I have to drive Star out to Liddy & it is just going to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS. *sigh*

  2. If it had not happened to me, I would be laughing. Oh, and this is not a meltdown for me...not yet; it will take a few more days of the throbbing toe before I finally have had enough of the annoying pain to go into the full blown emotional/mental meltdown.

    I will pray that your day goes far better than mine has.

  3. Oh my! What a day you have had, praying for a speedy recovery and peace in your home while you heal. I'm certainly glad you made it safely home!

  4. Thank you both. It is embarrassing, but I have this problem with going into shock easily from certain types of injuries, particularly those with my fingers and toes. Weird!

  5. You remind me of my younger days driving the cans of milk to the dairy. If it's any help, the podiatrist recently used his nutcracker straitening my toes. Looked like I had come in second best to an elephant for awhile! Come visit my site if you care Live the Blessing Life! No matter what condition our healing toes are in!!! Praise Jesus, Bill

  6. Yikes, Bill!

    I do so like going to the farm for milk...usually. I will never forget about that uneven area again, that is for sure! I suppose when we take a tumble and get hurt, it is never forgotten and we tend to be far more careful the next time.


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