Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sinners Among Us

But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. ~2 Timothy 3:1-5

Before you read on, please listen to this beautiful song:

I feel like I am the last person in all of Christiandom that heard the announcement Ray Boltz made in 2008. Now if I really am not the last person and you do not know about his announcement, please stop and consider whether you really want to read on because this will change your perspective of the man and all the beautiful songs he wrote and sang, at least it has for me. In a way, I wish I had remained blissfully unaware, but now that I know, I know and I cannot make it unknown.

Last warning...stop reading right here!

Ray Boltz is a father of four children who was married for 33 years before his divorce became official in 2008. His reason for the divorce: he is gay. He decided that if that is the way God made him that he was just going to live that way and his former wife, Carol Boltz, is highly supportive of him and other Christian homosexuals, as she reveals on her blog.

Now this does bother me quite a bit, but I know that we all are sinners and we all must sin against God in some "little" ways throughout our day, as if there is ever a little way to sin. The truth is that anything we say, think, or do that is outside of God's will, a stray from His directives, can be a sin or at least the passing shadow of evil. Sin is not always something we do, it can be what we entertain in our hearts and minds.

With that in mind, I am a sinner and I have not met anyone who is not. I cannot even imagine how Jesus did it, how He lived a completely sinless life yet had human emotions—it is just impossible for me to understand! It seems my mind and heart are the battlegrounds between evil and good, world and kingdom, self and God. I would like to think I am doing it right, that I am pleasing God in all that I do, but I also know that I fall short constantly.

Like so many of us with our secret vices, Mr. Boltz must have been entertaining such a sin in his heart for a very long time. Now that he has paved the way, another Christian artist, Jennifer Knapp, has also made it known that she has been in a eight-year relationship with another woman. And, so it will go. There will be others, no doubt.

I don't know how I feel about these people exactly, or what I should feel. I am terribly sad, ready to forgive, but will I listen to their music now? I know we all are sinful. No sin is worse than another. However, the difference for me is that these people were not making confessions and repenting. Some of us struggle with sin everyday, but they have chosen to disregard their choices as sinful and continue in them. I always cry when I hear "Thank You" and "Watch the Lamb" and my very favorite "Feel the Nails" which I have sang for church services years ago, but now I will be crying with an added reason in my fore thoughts; in fact, it will be difficult for me to hear the words of those songs over this blaring knowledge.

However, the concept that causes me to churn with sadness, incredulity, anger, hopelessness, fear for the lost of morality, and more is that people have created sects under the name of the Christian religion that accept homosexuality as normal and not even sinful! If there ever was a sign pointing to what my Lord warned about the end times, this is definitely one...and there will be more! With each generation, Christianity will degrade more and more.

I could not believe such a thing when I was younger, even though I read the prophecies, but now I see how people will shape the church to suit themselves. That people are so far removed from God that they feel justified to make it up as they go, to make the Bible say what they want it to say, and all this really comes down to they want to make themselves like Jesus. Yes, I said "like Jesus." They want to make themselves their own judgment.

Those of us holding on to more literal interpretations of the God's Word will be considered an embarrassment to the new Christianity. We will be the old that they will try to wipe out, because under it all we remind them just by what we believe, just by living our lives, that they are sinful after all. We will not have to be condemning, but some will be called to condemn them directly and I can only imagine how this will spur atrocities against Christians.

Yet, should the church be accepting of those who choose not to recognize sin as sin? This is my struggle with organized religion itself. I think of the years that Mr. Boltz must have wrestled with this sin in his mind and heart. From out of his tortured soul came these beautiful songs before he finally gave in to the deception: homosexuality is the way God made him because science says it is a fact...not that God said so, but science, the new religion tearing down the old in our own churches. As if with scientific research papers in hands, Mr. Boltz basically has throw it all back on God, instead of taking any personal responsibility. Worse, some sects of the Christianity have patted him on the back for it. I am so sad for him, for them, for all the world. How many more will he cause to stumble?

In closing I can only say, we cannot stop what is to be, we can only choose what we will do as it progresses.

My Lord, please make the people hear You above all.


  1. What always strikes me when I read this passage is this: holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power

    More than bad theology I am terrified of an empty religion.

    As for Ray Boltz & his ilk; it seems to me that his greatest sin is that of pride because what he has done has shifted attention of God [which his music is meant to glorify] to himself & his choices. I have other thoughts which I will e~mail you about. Thoughts, not decisions but I find myself in a hard place.

    It is going to get bad before the end, friend, & we are heading towards the end rapidly. I cannot think how we, as the people of God, have allowed ourselves to become so blinded but we have & we are accountable. It should make us sober & diligent, searchers of the scriptures & examiners of ourselves.

  2. The approach of the end times is like watching the Titanic sink...not fast enough to alarm people until it is too late, but not slow enough to save them either.

  3. That is a most beautiful song! I have always loved it, though I never knew he sang it, I've only ever heard it sung in church. Same thing for Watch the Lamb, another very moving song and I love them both. As for Mr. Boltz I don't think his announcement makes his music any less moving or any less powerful. We are all sinners, and I have always wondered myself why we hold our pastors, leaders, deacons, and others in the ministry to any higher of a standard? A sin is a sin the Bible says, and his sin is no less or greater than mine. I will enjoy his music and take meaning from it just as I would any other fallible human, taking the good parts and leaving the rest behind.

  4. Birbitt: We hold our ministers & those in leadership to a higher standard because scripture does. The pastoral epistals make this very clear. Yes, still sinners, but to live in blatant, unconfessed sin is to lead people astray & God has quite a bit to say about that. Don't take my word for it though. Cheeck the scriptures yourself.

  5. I think any Christian in the "public eye" is more accountable to the Lord for the "face" he gives Christianity to the people he reaches. Certainly Boltz reached far more souls in a year than I have in my life time!

    As to his songs, I realize that pre-2006 songs God gave him were when he was still struggling with this sin and probably recognized it as a sin, however now that he has turned his back on that...I really am not sure how I feel about them other than an abysmal sadness that their messages are now tainted. Not just because he chose comfort in his sin rather than to continue battling it, but because he rationalizes his sin as being how God made him and who cannot use that excuse since the fall of Adam and Eve? When we take that the newly recognized path of genetic excuses provided by science, I am sure they can find, eventually, a specific gene for many behaviors.

  6. Hello Seeking... just popped in from our delightful Ganeida's spot...

    When I was first saved, I heard about Ray Boltz (14 years ago), and bought one of his music video's. Even bought some as gifts for others.

    I am sorry to steal your thunder, but you are not the last person to hear about this. I am!! Wow!! I am shocked, saddened and baffled!

    Ganeida, I agree with you... pride is the root here... I love how you explained that.

    I tend to agree with you Seeking... once I hear about such things, I can't enjoy or be inspired by the songs/music/worship of the person, again. I would tend to dwell on the whole debacle, rather than soak in the music.

    It was the same thing with Terry Macalamon. He was one of my husband's and I favourites. We had alot of his cd's. Then his wife divorced him for repeated acts of adultery.

    How can these people of God touch His heart so much, bring such a blessing to the Body, and then bring such ill-repute to His name? My mind boggles, but I think success and popularity has a little to do with it. It ruins many a strong man/woman of faith. And, the enemy increases the pressure to discredit those who are in the public eye, for this is a quick way to bring shame to the Body and to blacken the message of the Gospel.


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