Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just 30 Minutes Could Save a Life...and a Soul.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear. ~Matthew 11:15

I have not had much time to post to my blog or even read others lately. I apologize, my friends, for both. However, this video came to my attention and I found it so powerfully moving and deeply thought provoking that I wanted to share it immediately and ask a favor of you:

If you agree with it and find it something worth passing on, would you please post it on your own blog and/or send this link, http://www.180movie.com, to a few of your friends. In just doing this much you could help to save a life of someone you do not yet know and help save a soul as well.

~ My Lord, please bless the people who made this video, the people interviewed for it, and the people who will watch it. May it speak to every heart and forever change them. ~


  1. Seeking: this has done the FB rounds so most of my friends have already seen this one. Loved the logic he uses to forse people to reach conclusions they didn't know they would have to. Isn't it ironic though that a country that condones abortion will not kill a woman on death row until after her child is born. Gotta wonder where people keep their brains sometimes.

    I will answer your email eventually. We are incredibly busy again. When we aren't locked in rehearsal I am trying to recover so we can do it all again. lol

  2. I am so glad this is being passed around. I think watching the faces of the people as their rationalizations were stripped away to reveal the naked truth of the matter is truly priceless.


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