Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Liking This Lesson Plan So Much!

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.
~Albert Einstein

We are still adjusting to Tuesdays at the barn each week, but I have to say that today was definitely an improvement over what we were doing when we started. Previously I was trying to stuff our afternoons after the horse barn with Math Drills, Math, Spelling, Sign Language, and Language Arts (Classical Writing) plus Piano. Because we both were tired, it would take the rest of the evening to a late dinner usually. Of course, at that point the Princess probably was not really learning, but just trying to drag her brain through whatever I assigned. After showers and lunch, we begin with our afternoon, which just piano and her horse curriculum. I could take a nap if I need to...and I think I will need to some weeks.

I realize now that formal lessons on three days a week will probably be more productive. Doing more does not always equate to learning more. I knew that, but that sequential side of me is a bit more dominate than that abstract side when it comes to scheduling and planning as I do with homeschooling. Yet, quite a few weeks I would end up taking another day off, because I was worn out or overwhelmed by the schedule. Now I now have two days to satisfy my abstract side when we can be more creative...actually, we also have most of the afternoon on Wednesdays for the same. Science, which we actually did do yesterday, is also mostly fun for both of us as we both enjoy experiments.

Yes, this is much better. I am far more relaxed, at the very least every other day of the week, but just having Language Arts intermixed with History is so much better and relaxed, although it takes more planning on my part. Remember as you look at the lesson plan below that Thursdays we go grocery shopping and run errands, so even though the lesson plan looks like the Princess has hours for her Classical Music curriculum, it is only done the times between stops and I just order it so I might have it next week to start, hopefully.

Here is how it looks:

~ Thank you, my Lord. Just thank you for guiding me. ~


  1. Woohoo! Looks good. I'm glad it is working out well. :)

  2. Wise move! I learned early that if I wanted to do anything formal with the kids, it had to be before we left the house for any activity. If you need to do some work on horse barn days, it would probably be better to get it done before you leave, but if it's early in the day, I know that can be hard to manage.

    And look what you learned! "I realize now that formal lessons three days a week will probably be more productive." Way to go! That is an important lesson. If you are relaxed, the whole experience becomes more productive because you won't be struggling with each other. It's the best way to learn!

    Thank you for all your comments. I've been lax in responding, but do know I appreciate your thoughts!
    Peace and Laughter!

  3. Pam: Me too! What is nice is if she doesn't get her lessons completely on the formal days, she can make them up on the informal ones without crowding the entire week...even though I rather that not happen, it puts me at ease that we have these "buffer" days.

    Cristina: I started out quite relaxed and along the way we had lots of long breaks due to family illnesses mostly. Then it seemed like I had turned around and she went from five years old to nine and I began to feel I had let too much slip by, but I have been working at letting go the expectations I placed on myself the past few months.


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