Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perspective Change on College

That which has been is that which will be,
And that which has been done is that which will be done.
So there is nothing new under the sun. ~Ecclesiastes 1:9

For the last few years, I have had this underlying fear. I would say it is like being in a whirlpool. I can see the world going down the drain. I can feel it, but I am as caught up in it as everyone else. I listen to the news hoping for hope and I do not hear any.

A few of the presidential candidates that might possibly slow this whirlpool, perhaps even reverse it, are considered too radical...too radical because they believe our federal government is doing things it was never meant to do and most were never lawful. Too many people think that the creators of the U.S. Constitution could not have foreseen how the world would change.

But God has seen this scenario played out many times before. History has shown us that mankind continually makes the same mistakes regardless of how intelligent it becomes. You would think God would get tired of us making the same mistakes over and over and over again. I believe there will be an End Time and sometimes I think that if God Himself does not end this world as it is, we will.

I cannot remember how I came across the following video yesterday, but I feel my Lord has been trying to get me to change my perspective and expectations regarding education, my daughter's education in particular. I want(ed) her to go to college, maybe more so because I did not. I feel have no safety net, no paper to prove I am "trainable" and I say this because that is what employers see when they see a college degree. I would say about half of people I know, who have a degree, were working jobs unrelated.

I am feeling unsteady as if trying to walk on shifting sands, but if God is leading me then I should welcome the journey. I should be willing to make my desires fit His desires.

This video is an hour long. I know that is quite a time commitment and I myself had to watch it in segments because I rarely have an entire hour to sit and watch anything these days, but the information on the "college bubble" is very interesting and has helped me to reconsider the idea of placing so much importance on a college education.

While I know that many of my friends do not care for politics as much as I, there are some things that really do need to change so that people are not so hampered by government regulations to be inventive entrepreneurs starting small businesses or running farms and that will not change unless we vote for people determined to make those changes.

Perhaps it will spur some interesting conversations, at least.

~ My Lord, I will listen to Your words and follow as You lead. Help me to be as You wish me to be, not what I think I should be. Help me to shape my daughter's education as You wish it to be, for her to be prepared for the tasks You have planned for her. ~


  1. Not being American I'm not sure how you ended up in this predicament. A Uni degree is not so highly valued out here. Mine was paid for by the govt of the day ~ not anymore. I paid for my books & accomodaction but the govt paid my fees as part of a scheme to make higher education available to more than just the wealthy few.

    Star's music teacher gave her a lesson on economics I don't think she will forget in a hurry because she has a 2nd job that pays for her to do the music she loves. Economically it makes no sense to work in the music industry.

    Worse, & here's my little conspiracy theory, I believe governments deliberatly dumb down the education of our youth because dumb people are more easily controlled & are less likely to fight the system.

    MInd you, I have had to think through why I value a degree because none of mine want one. Conclusion? It should only be for those of us who are good for nothing else & are prepared to think about uninportant matters. In all honesty, as someone who has a degree in literature, Shakespeare may be beautiful icing but he does not a main meal make & it is main meals that are mostly needed. Otherwise, what a huge waste. Much better off learning something hands on ~ & this is true for any field I can think of doctors, lawyers, engeneering included....I think I should stop now. ☺

  2. The economical problems we have are due to several factors I would say most because our government tries to control or manipulate too much, which I believe is outside of its original purpose. I did find it disturbing, perhaps because it is so believable, that by handing out student loans, our government may have contributed to great increase in the cost of a college education and personal debt.

    For every action, there is reaction. It is a rarity that they would truly be mutually beneficial.

    I do not know if dumbing down is intentional or if it is just the unfortunate evolution of the poorly educated teachers, standardized testing, and government regulation. I do agree that the apprenticeship approach is a much more efficient way of training, but then how could the government regulate that?

  3. Elizabethian England did quite well at that. Bess even regulated piracy! ;D


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