Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just a Few More Days

The only real difference between begging and trick-or-treating is in perspective: The former is lowly, the latter is sanctioned. ~Unknown

If we had nothing else against Halloween, my husband and I would still be against it just because of the quote above. I know it is only one holiday, but its popularity seems to have exploded in the past couple of decades. I cannot help but wonder if "trick or treating" adds some measure of subliminal reinforcement to the entitlement ideology that has infested the younger generations or is pre-training for upcoming IRS agents--okay, that may be over the top, but just think about it for a minute:

The only difference between stealing and collecting taxes (or overtaxation to redistribute income and fund abortions, for instance) is in the perspective: The former is illegal and the latter is sanctioned.

If you have been reading here for at least a year, you well know my aversion to Halloween. If not here are links to my posts on the subject:
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My feelings have not changed much on the subject and I will not reiterate what I have previously written. I just wanted to express my sorrows about how much the world has changed. When I was a child, Halloween decorations were not something we would see in stores at the beginning of September or embellishing yards and homes in the middle of September. I remember seeing some decorations just a week or maybe even two weeks before the day but now...? Just when and how did Halloween become an entire holiday season?

Perhaps the better question is why?

~ My Lord, please help me to endure these last days of October and enjoy the coming holidays that honor You. ~

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