Friday, July 5, 2013

God Provides Something Better

The cautious faith that never saws off a limb on which it is sitting, never learns that unattached limbs may find strange unaccountable ways of not falling. ~Dallas Willard

Interesting thought, isn't it? I do not want a cautious faith! Although I am very careful with finances, there are still times when God amazes me in meeting our needs when it seems it is highly unlikely, even impossible. Impossible just means that God is going to get so much more glory when He makes it happen because only He can make it happen!!!

Over the course of my life I have learned that God is a wonderful Provider. I mean, we have been very blessed that we have had the resources to take care of the costly surprises that have come up. I find His blessings in stories like the time when both our mini-vans needed new transmissions within six months of each other and we found a way to pay for them without going further in debt.

You might recall my recent post, Starting Off Badly...Again, when I wrote to the roofer we hoped would be replacing our roof, but would not be due to some rather unfortunate and largely avoidable circumstances. I have to confess that I do not know if I truly believe that all things happen for a good reason. However, I do believe God is good and would not give a stone when we ask Him for bread, so bad things are not what He desires for us. Perhaps, sometimes what seems "bad" is just a bump to straighten up on His path as it was this time, or like when your computer hangs and just needs to reset to run better than it was. My husband heard the advertisement for another roofing company called Allgood on a local Christian radio station and called them. A man, one of the co-owners and manager, came and prepared an estimate...for $1,000 less than the first company's proposal, which had been in agreement with what the insurance adjuster told us would be typical.

Not only was the company cheaper, they did an excellent job. It has rained and rained since, and there have been no leaks. The Hispanic crew was polite and quiet mostly. They came on a Thursday so I was not home while they worked but my husband had that week off so he was. He was pleased with the quality of work and since he used to do roofs as a job to pay for college and has repaired a few since, I trust his judgement.

Not only did we get an estimate for the roof, but also for the siding, windows, and gutters. We cannot do vinyl replacement windows, but need new build wooden windows with the frames. This is because of a spray-on siding product that trapped moisture and is causing everything to rot. The estimate is very reasonable, but we do not have the funds and we really do not want to go into five figure debt again. If we did not have a second mortgage already, we would have done that but.... Right now it seems hopeless for at least a year and we are in a race between the rot and saving enough money to replace the damage it is doing.

We have holes in the siding on one side of our house. We have considered doing one or two sides at a time knowing that will cost us more in the long run, but having another loan or credit card debt again is not that appealing either. Right now, I cannot see how my Lord will provide and my husband would like to get it done in the fall, but that just does not seem financially feasible. I am thinking we could save up about half of the cost for the work to be done in the spring and finance the remainder.

It is difficult to know how and when my Lord will provide for this necessary expense, but I know that He can and that He will. And I am sure that looking at it in retrospect we will see His blessing in it all, so I am excited to see how He will provide for us to have this work done.

~ My Lord, You are a God of abundance and provision. You led us to a good company that is far more affordable. I trust You. My faith is in You. May I be anxious for nothing with assurance that You will provide for this need. ~

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