Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sponsoring Judite Joao

If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God!
~Dwight L. Moody

We had this idea for the past few years of sponsoring at least one child, and after our finances eased up with paying off our debt and reducing our tithe back to 10% and the Princess turning twelve, we decided she should chose a child through Nazarene Child Sponsorship.

(If you have been following my blog for the last year, you might be wondering why we would chose this organization. Even though we are no longer members of a Nazarene church, we truthfully have no problems with the denomination as a whole and have always been impressed with the mission work being done.)

I thought the Princess would have preferred a girl about her age in India as she has talked about that country so much influenced by The Secret Garden and A Little Princess. Instead she chose Africa.

Since April we have been sponsoring an eleven year old girl in Mozambique named Judite Joao, who helps her mother and likes playing netball.

We have not yet exchanged letters so we do not know much about her at this time, but if I know the Princess, she will probably wish to write often and send drawings too.

~ My Lord, thank you for this precious child Judite Joao. May she grow to love You and know Your love for her. May others hear Your calling to sponsor a child in need. ~


  1. Before we had children ourselves we sponsored a Thai boy & his sister & as you know Libby was sponsoring before she went overseas. Cait is talking about it when her income improves & eventually we probably will again too. It's a great way to practically show God's love.

    1. You know, we have talked about doing this off and on for years. I really don't know why we did not do earlier. The Princess was disappointed when she read the rules for sending gifts: all flat and not worth much like bookmarkers, pictures, and such.


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