Monday, May 11, 2009

Backing Away From Forums

Why is it drug addicts and computer aficionados are both called users? ~Clifford Stoll

Hello. My name is seekingmyLord and I am forum junkie. I eased into this addiction a few years ago and for the last year I have been easing back out of it. This blog is part of my therapy to give it up completely, but every now and then I still slip up. I visit one or two forums about homeschooling periodically, like I did yesterday, and there is it was, just lying in wait for me...a post from someone who is bent on harassing homeschool parents.

Honestly, it is like a new sport to kick us around, one that I have dealt with since becoming a forum junkie. I think it is what hooked me, the challenge of debate and keeping a cool head even when they are purposely insulting. It is also the main reason I am weaning off forums now, besides they are largely time consuming, unproductive endeavors.

Homeschool harassers use the same groundless arguments over and over like a broken record and often don't bother with the research provided to refute their criticisms: We are denying our children of a good education. We are not competent to teach our own children. We are raising our children to be freaks. Our children will not learn to think independently. Our children will run to mommy whenever they have a problem....

On and on, they go.

I usually look past their insults, because I believe it is possible to enlighten them about homeschooling and there have been those times I have been pleasantly surprised when I have earned their respect and reduced their prejudices. Other times I have been ashamed of own responses, like this last time. However, most of these people are not convinced of anything other than what they already believe and I realize that I have again wasted time and effort that I could have spent on more productive, creative, and satisfying projects.

Time for me to back away from forums and stay away from them...again.

My Lord, I need Your strength in resisting temptations and Your forgiveness for failing to be a good witness for You.


  1. Hehehehehe It was not a good place for me to play just now because we have reached the end of the math circus. I am not doing this any longer. Ditz refuses to do it & we just don't cope with abstract math. Enough. The time can be better spent in other areas or reinforcing math she will actually use so I must gird my loins to deal with our supervisor but you know what really irks me with the HS harrassment movement? I'm a public school & Private school graduate. From grade 3 on I read novels through math class & no~one worried I was flunking math except my poor parents.I was quiet & non~disruptive & so long as I was quiet & non~disruptive no~one cared that I was flunking math. Worse. I have had no need for any math higher than grade 3. I can cook & sew & balance my cheque book & live within my budget & I am very good at what I do. I do it well. What I don't do well is math. Nor does Ditz. It is time the math/science fraternity stepped back & ralised that one's life does not hinge on even a rudimentary grasp of math & science. It is easier if one has a rudimentary grasp but higher order math & science is for people who will work in the field. Soapboxing on other people's blogs is something I do particularly well. ;D

  2. "Soapboxing on other people's blogs is something I do particularly well. ;D"

    Oh-no! Another thing we have in common! Where is that list so I can add it? I know that I have done it on yours a time or...two-enty?

    You know I love math, but you are quite right, I rarely used much beyond basic math outside of school and tutoring, however I do think that both higher math and science train the mind to find solutions in creative ways. On the other hand, if you just cannot get it and/or enjoy it, what is the point? You are probably going to avoid a career that requires it away. I tutored algebra and found that while some children could memorize the methods, it never really integrated within their thinking process.

    This is pretty much how I feel about the evolution vs. creation argument. Evolution is such a concrete science to some, particularly to the anti-religious, so if a Creationist is homeschooling...well, you and I both know where that goes: Our children will be ruined for life, as if their education will stop at our doorsteps and be penned up in a corral where they cannot see the grass on the other side of the fence! These people argue in all the pros of evolution as if one doesn't get it, they cannot possibly be a productive member of society. When does anyone not in a related field ever use the theory of evolution in his day to day life, except to argue and try to point out how inferior another person is to believe in anything else just as unprovable, like Creation?

    I will quote myself here: Even though I was not raised in a religious home and I was educated in public schools, evolution always seem to be an unbelievable and unprovable theory I was obliged to know even though it served no practical purpose other than being curiously entertaining, much like other colorful and elaborate mythologies explaining the origin of life, but with a sci-fi slant. I would consider a book on evolution about as creditable to reality as a blueprint of the Star Ship Enterprise.

    And, yes, I can even soapbox on my own blog!

    Breathe, just breathe....

  3. Thank you for not biting my head off ~ as so many have. I'm a pragmatist about some things ~ like my children. I see no profit from banging my head against a brick wall. I also have older children ~ none of whom were academically inclined & they are all managing to be profitable members of society. Besides necessity is a wonderful motivator. In the unlikely event Ditz ever needs any of this stuff she is quite smart enough to work it out for herself but between hormones & natural talent at present the math ship is sinking fast. And you know, as a little girl, math was her favourite subject. The more abstract it became the less she liked it & now she just won't try any more.

  4. I always wondered what happened to your head. When things like that are missing, people notice. ;)

    That sounds as bad a forum, worse in a way. At least on a blog if they don't like your comments, they can just delete them. So, what's the point of being all upset?

  5. I have done something really really REALLY stupid. I have, however, given myself a way out. I hope he is too stupid to actually prove he is well educated.

  6. Well, I did not let it go either. I am thinking of not looking in on any forums at all. I had it down from seven to three, then two, and then one. I need to let go of that one and then I will be! Happily blogging in my own little corner of the Internet.

  7. I have really cut back on the forums particularly that one which always seems to be a hotbed of drama, drama, drama. I rarely post anywhere other than the homeschool forum because the open forum just seems to invite vitrolic people who have nothing better to do than cause trouble. I've only hung around because the homeschool lot are rather a nice bunch. lol.

  8. Forums... hmm I can never get the knack of them, tried numerous times to be part of a forum and failed miserably...


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