Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pieces of Peace

Seek not that the things which happen should happen as you wish; but wish the things which happen to be as they are, and you will have a tranquil flow of life. ~Epictetus

Some of my recent concerns have been resolved, giving me a some time to reflect on how I responded to each and what I wish I had done differently. I always wish I had retained peace in my soul by seeking my Lord first of all and accepted what challenges I had in a way that would please my Lord. That is why I chose my screen name to be seekingmyLord--not to boast that I am seeking my Lord's will all the time, but to remind me that I should be because deep down that is who I want to be, that is how I want people to see me, and more importantly that is how I want my Lord to see me.

My mother's coffin was buried in a site belonging to someone else as I explained over month ago in my entry called A Grave Story. She was moved and is now beside my brother as she wanted. Although my aunt was not notified nor knew the day it was done, she phoned on Thursday to give me an update on that. There now is only the tombstone to be concerned about that my youngest sister has asked that we, my siblings and I, together will put some money toward.

On my blog entry called A Day Spent Exploring Murphy's Law I wrote about how our garage door stopped working. Since then it has been fixed. My husband did it in just a few minutes. He also fixed the garage door we walk through as the dead bolt had frozen in the locked position. He did both before he went to bed after he arrived home Friday evening that same week. I so appreciate having a husband who can fix things!

While somethings are resolved, other challenges present themselves. A few days ago, I had pulled out the shawl given to me by a dear friend, Trudy, to find it has several spots on it, from what I cannot guess. I was just heartbroken when I saw it. Of all the gifts I received when the Princess was an infant, I count this shawl as one of the most precious to me--countless times it discretely covered her when she was nursing, such a precious relationship between a baby and a mother. I began treating areas of the stains and they seem to be diminishing with hydrogen peroxide the best. If I can get them completely out, I will pack it away properly and keep it for the Princess to use when her babies are nursing.

When first faced with a problem, I tend to only see the moment and then worry about how it will affect my future, letting it steal away my peace, but You, my Lord, see beyond all that and You graciously give me moments of Your special peace and time to reflect during those little challenges or even the worse storms in my life. Thank you so much for my husband, who is the one capable of fixing so many things and who holds me together in times when I cannot do it myself.

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  1. I heard a quote once I've never forgotten because it always reminds me of the peace that passeth all understanding. This chappie was explaining that in the deepest parts of the ocean no wave breaks ~ coda. Whatever storms & turmoil are happening on the surface the depths remain undisturbed. I have found that to be pretty true. I can fret & froth & foam at the mouth but where the Spirit resides in the depths there is simply calm. Such a blessing, God's peace.


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