Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Endings of Old Things Are Beginnings Of New

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. ~Seneca

As I wrote earlier, our pastor resigned. The church board meeting was on Saturday and we were given another stone. The pastor had a letter of resignation to hand in besides his own. This one from the pastor's brother, a long time member, board member, and our praise and worship leader. I wondered why the pastor had led in the singing the last two weeks and while his brother was present, but I thought he just might have needed a break. The other two women who used to work as a team and traded off weeks leading in singing with him resigned and left in June. I wrote about their departure here.

My husband came home after the meeting asking if I had a moment because we needed to talk. Our pastor is leaving due to battling with depression, which he hid from us, and stated that his brother was planning to leave three years ago just before we considered his brother for pastor, which was even a greater surprise to us all! When I heard about the second letter of resignation, I almost dreaded to hear the rest as I was certain this would be so discouraging that the board would have discussed closing the church. However, they plan to go on.

Later I had this conversation with my daughter while she ate her lunch.

Me: I have some news that is kind of sad. Mr. D has also resigned so we have no one to lead the praise and worship.

The Princess: Daddy could do it.

Me: Daddy is the only one who can run the sound and media systems, besides he is not a strong singer. (Actually, the man has a lovely voice and used to sing in choirs, but gets pulled off the tune easily.)

The Princess: Mr. J could do it.

Me: (stifling a laugh) No, Mr. J does not sing well.

The Princess: Mr. C could do it.

Me: Well, he does well with announcements, but I don't think he is a strong singer either. (I am waiting while she is chewing thinking that there is only one other man in the church left and he would not be the guy either.) You know, you have only thought about the men so far.

The Princess: Miss J cannot do it because she sings too softly and Miss S cannot do it because...well, she sings okay with us in Sunday School but.... I don't know if Miss E could. (Again, we both pause because there is only one woman left, besides me, and she would say she is no singer.)

Me: Actually, the board has thought of someone to ask already.

The Princess: Who?

Me: You! (I don't think I have ever seen the child's eyes open quite so wide before.)

The Princess: I can't do it! I don't like singing in front of people!

Me: You play piano in front of people. (Pause.) Anyway, they did not pick you.

The Princess: (Gasp!) Mama, you could do it!

Me: Yes, I am the one they asked.

Only the very last person of which the child would think, of course!

Things are in transition and apparently God's hand is still upon our shrinking church for a couple, former members, walked in to announce their return. They had to move to Texas with a job three years ago, just before we hired our current pastor. Their house here did not sell, so they rented it but had three bad experiences with that. The housing market is better in Texas so they sold that one to move back here.

We also had new visitor in our evening service, an disabled veteran who has returned from living in Queensland, Australia for twenty-some years. I think he will be returning as he likes that our church is small but he can only come to evening services at this time.

We are lining up guest preachers, I should say Mr. C is because he is doing all the work there and we shall just see how this goes.

Now, here is the odd thing. Weeks ago I thought the Lord told me that two people would come to the church and I thought that meant the next Sunday. By the third Sunday passing with no new people, I decided that I heard just what I wanted to hear and not God, but then came the two this last Sunday and since then I have heard: More come.

Unlike most of the members, when I think of the church I feel this truly uncharacteristic excitement. My first response to being asked about leading the praise and worship was enthusiasm and that is just NOT like me. I am not that strong of a singer and I definitely get nervous singing in front of people, yet I am looking forward to it. So, somethin' is a happenin'! Something strange and usual. Something beyond understanding.

One request: Please pray that people are serving where they should be in our church and that I am anointed with God's Spirit in leading our praise and worship in song...and especially that I will have the voice for it too.

~ My Lord, please prepare me to be worthy of this ministry. ~


  1. Yes. And the Spirit can & will anoint for the singing. He did it to me & blew me out of the water because I definitely do not have a good strong singing voice. I seriously need to talk to you but we don't seem to be able to get skyp[e happening. :( So much happening in the spiritual realm just now everywhere I look!

    1. Well, I will need it...actually, for the sake of my church, I need it. I do not want to run off the few we have left!

  2. You are so talented in the things that you do, I have no doubt in my mind that you will do well and that the Lord will give you all you need for this task ahead! :)


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