Thursday, March 21, 2013

Product Review: Simple Truth

As a Bzzagent, I received a few of Simple Truth products that can be found at some Krogers, but as I found my closest store does not have most of the products available.

First we tried the cucumber melon soda that we received in the mailer. My daughter thought it had an off taste reminiscent of castor oil. I thought it was a light refreshing taste, but it would not be my favorite and it was a bit too sweet.

With coupons for free product, I was able to get the Vanilla Almond Milk. My daughter loved it probably for the same reason I did not like it. It was way too sweet. The idea of a child adding it to  sweetened cereal makes me cringe.

I liked the taste of the Fudge Graham Flavor, but again I thought it was too sweet. It really did not qualify as a nutrition bar by my standards.

I did like the Natural Sweet Potato Chips but if they had not been free I probably would not buy them as they are a bit pricey for not even being organic.

I did have a free coupon for frozen berries, but my Kroger did not have any and I noticed that they often move some of the Simple Truth and Private Selection products around so much that they are rarely in the same place from month to the next. I was disappointed that I could not find the place where the Simple Truth Frozen Berry Medley was supposed to be and when I asked I was told where they usually are, although I have never seen them there, and that they could not keep them in stock because they sell so well. After three weeks of looking for them, I gave up.

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