Saturday, March 30, 2013

Healing on the Streets

Unbelieving believers believe enough to get to heaven but not enough for heaven to get into them. So what we need to be is believing believers and walk this thing. Jesus paid a price for us not for us to just go to heaven but for heaven to get into us, so that we could represent heaven on earth. ~Todd White

Whew! What a quote! Amen and amen!

If you have been reading along, you may remember just two weeks ago that I prayed for a woman's back to be healed when I was at my favorite health food store. I wrote about it in A Healer Stepping Out from Cessationism. I saw her again this Thursday and she still has not had any back pain at all.

I am writing about this because I am both amazed in how God heals through me and at the same time it is a frequent occurrence in my life. I wish more Christians would experience the miracle of healing and believe it is God's will that we pray in belief for healing of others!

I came across these videos and I felt I should share them here on my blog. They reveal an amazing story about an amazing man, Todd White, through whom God heals people in the most amazing ways...and he is out there doing it on the streets, healing unbelievers! Turning them into believers! WOW!!!! That is my God!

This man's ministry has cause me to rethink a few things about a healing ministry. In my own experience, more have been healed when I prayed over them outside of the church than inside. There is something that just does not seem right about that, but I want to be willing to go and do as God desires, not what gives me a false sense of safety.

~ My Lord, thank you for this amazing ministry and please continue to bless Todd White and others who are street missionaries healing people. May I, my Lord, be so willing to be used by You, showing Your love for all people wherever I meet them meeting them where they are.  ~


  1. I have shared the links. I know a number of people who will be charmed by these.

    I love the way he operates ~ & it really spoke to me about putting the onus for believing prayer on to the believer. Yep. That's what the scripture says!

    1. I love the way he operates also. There are some other clips of him on YouTube of him teaching and he is just really amazing. Truly a blessing to watch his ministry.

      This definitely change my perspective a bit and clarified a few things for me. I do believe that the one praying for the healing is the one who has to believe, but I also have felt the resistance of healing being accepted. Yet some healing happens to people by their own faith, as Jesus said. Perhaps most believers had been reading more into that than we should as He did not say it to everyone but to a few with such faith. I think that there is more on that to pray on and write about later.

      Anyway, my husband finally was able to watch the videos last night and then he asked me if I felt anything when I watched the last one...he eyes were tearing. I had not felt any particular thing as I was not in any pain, but he was was pain in his shoulders and arms from the work he had been doing and it was GONE!

      That is the God I serve!

  2. It is an honour to share His ministry ~ & that He allows such!


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