Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Days of Colds, Snow, and Ice

Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while. ~Kin Hubbard

This is a picture of the Princess with her father at her very first snow!

Most of you know I am not one to "break the ice" with weather reports. I mean, I have a friend who lives in Minnesota and she rarely talks about the snow, because it is so common there; it is just a part of life for most months of the year—now if it did not snow most of the winter there that would be something worth mentioning. I have friend in Arizona and she does not begin conversations with how warm and dry it is there because that is just typical—but if they had days and days of heavy rains that would not be. I have friend in a subtropical area of Australia, who is in her summer as we are in our winter. Obviously, their weather is going to differ vastly from the weather in Georgia more times than not. However, there are times when the weather is doing something extraordinary right here and even I will talk about it.

Seeing six inches of snow is rare in my part of the country, but far more rare is for the temperatures to stay low enough for several consecutive days so it does not melt away...well, actually it is melting a tiny bit each day, just enough to refreeze to a slick ice. Monday it was a wet snow and schools closed so children were out sledding on the hill in front of our house that day.

Schools are still out and most likely will be the rest of the week, since temperatures will not go above the freezing mark until Friday. Now the snow is mostly crusted ice and is not much fun. Still, imagine this beckoning white novelty at the time your child is sick with a fever and persistent cough.

The Princess looked out of her window watching the other children playing. Friends came to the door to ask to play with her. The first two days her fever was high enough to make her want to lie down and nap often, but by Sunday her temperature lowered to a low grade fever, which continued until Monday evening. Yesterday, she was allowed out of bed but no running around as she was still coughing and I am still working on my unique battle with this bug.

As for me, I still have a sore throat and no appetite. I had no fever, but have had periodic dizziness, mostly because my ears are full of fluid, I think. In some ways, I feel better and other ways worse.

My husband still has some lingering symptoms, but they diminish more every day. I am thankful for the weather as his flights were rescheduled each day so that eventually the trip would have to be pushed back to next week. It gives him time to fully recuperate even though he is caring for the Princess and me more now.

~ My Lord, help us to recuperate fully and soon. ~

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  1. Our weather has been bizarre. 3/4 of my state is now under water ~ plus Brissie. Lid, in Melbourne, has had to re~route home as, while she can fly into Brisbane we have no way of getting her home from the airport. We told her fly into Cooloongatta, on the border, train or bus up.

    I thought you must be sick. Glad you are sorta feeling better & everyone is now on the mend. Prayers for you all. ♥


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