Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Trouble with Cell Phones

Technology... is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.
~C.P. Snow, New York Times, 15 March 1971

My husband left Friday for a retreat with three other men from our church. He promised to call me that night but the call did not come. I finally called him only to get his voice mail.

He knew the Princess had a fever, because I called him when he was on the way. Is something wrong? Was there so much going on that he thought it got to be too late to call?

Yesterday I received a call from a phone number I did not know and it was my husband. It was a choppy connection as he explained that his phone service did not work there, only one did and thankfully one of the men he was with had that one. He asked about the Princess and if I was getting sick also. He told me that they would probably come home earlier today than planned because the weather would be turning bad.

Now I know that technology is not without its limitations nor is it infallible, however when I expect a call from my husband and I cannot get a hold of him, my mind starts working and I rarely think that it may be his phone does not get a signal where he is. The trouble with cell phones is that I have completely different expectations of people when they have them. I expect to be able to call them at anytime no matter where they are. I expect them to call me when they say they will. I have expectations...higher expectations.

I am beginning to think that the more technology we have the more we all expect from each other, even though having expectations always seems to cause more trouble than not.

~ My Lord, help me not to use technology as an excuse to have higher expectations of other people. ~


  1. Seeking: while I agree with you about the phones I am curious to know how you & the princess are doing. Hope you are both feeling better. HAve you had any word from the Lord about the job offer?

  2. The Princess' temperature was closer to normal the last time I took it and she acts like she feels better. So far, I do not have a fever, but I was worse this morning with that sore throat thing.

    Alan just arrived home and went back out to get some things in preparations for the ice storm coming in tonight. We have plenty of firewood for our fireplace to stay warm, plenty of food in our pantry and freezers, and a gas range so we can cook food, but it could be a extended power outage, if it happens, so he wanted to get a few things to have on hand just in case. We are far better equipped to handle things like this than most people living in the subdivisions around here. Obviously, he is not flying out tomorrow as planned. Maybe we will get the Christmas decorations put away?

    My husband said he was ready to come home on the phone Saturday because he had "gotten his answer," but I was not sure what his question was and he did tell me...yet. When he gets back, I am going to try a different tactic: I plan to grab him at the door, trip him, wrestle him down to the floor, and use a water-drop torture to make him talk...(innocently blinking) patience is not really my thing and my breaking point is at a lower level when I am ill.

  3. Yeah, for answers! {I wasn't sure what I got told so haven't said anything because I didn't want something half~baked to influence you at all☺ ~ will let you know} Our weather is making me depressed I think. We are not *troical* & don't normally get an extended *wet*. I don't mind rain normally but I feel like I'm starting to grow mould & everything feels damp ~ even inside. I'd put the heater on to dry the air only we're already too warm & muggy. *sigh*


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