Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Now, My Lord? Then the Phone Rang...

The next moment is as much beyond our grasp, and as much in God's care, as that a hundred years away. Care for the next minute is as foolish as care for a day in the next thousand years. In neither can we do anything, in both God is doing everything. ~C.S. Lewis

We have been waiting on the Lord...or maybe He has been waiting on us, on me? Anyway, I believe the Lord promised me that this year would be a bit easier financially, so I have been waiting to see how He will do this. I thought I was trusting the Lord to provide for us, but it was not until we were a couple of months into our double tithe commitment that I realized that I really had not been not trusting my Lord for our daily bread.

Where is the Raise?
The company employing my husband has promised to reinstate the bonuses and remove the salary cuts they started two years ago. I wrote about this recently in My Christmas Gift. We all hoped, perhaps assumed, that this change would begin with the very first paycheck in 2011, did not. I also assumed that they would pay the five percent cut in salary for the last year in a lump sum as they did the year before, but the email did not promise that. So, I am waiting to see what they will do...without assumptions.

Then there is something outside of all that which is my husband was promoted and his raise was approved, but he did not get the raise and he could not get anyone to explain why. Added on that he could not do the job well because his training was canceled twice, which has resulted in him being a bit frustrated and a lower review rating of his job. How can he do the job well if he does not know what it is he is supposed to do? When he was given the promotion, he was to cut his teeth on an old machine that was to be phased out in five years and get an exciting new machine by the end of the year. The new machine has been canceled, leaving him with a machine that no one really cares about, except the hundreds of customers that have it. I began thinking that in a few years, my husband's job will be phased out as well.

Refinancing the Mortgage?
We have not yet received the official decline, but unless the Lord intercedes that is probably dead as well. I Was Afraid to Hope... So, I gave up on thinking that we shall have any relief with the monthly bills other than canceling the TV service and perhaps changing our phone service.

Then the Phone Rang...
Tuesday afternoon, I answered the phone and a woman introduced herself saying that she had found my husband's old resume and would like to speak with him. That resume was from three years ago when he lost his job, so this was a head hunter, no doubt. My husband, who is rarely sick, has one nasty cold and needs to rest, but I handed the phone to him thinking that this most likely will not be a job worth considering, but then...well, you just never know.

I was about to head out the door to run some errands, trying to start out before my headache convinced me not to go out at all, but I listened in a bit to the tone of my husband's voice. No, he did not sound disinterested and he did not exactly sound enthusiastic either, but then he is ill. Hmm...perhaps I will wait a few more minutes before I leave. Did he just say that he would update his resume and send it in?

It appears that his resume made him the best match for the job with a company that is expanding with the type of machines my husband has been working on in the last two years. Ironically, they will be producing the type of machines that his current company is phasing out. These machines are not being phased out because there is no demand, but because they don't make enough profit in the consumables and this company will be coming into the market with new machines possibly at the right time. Even though these types of machines were not on his resume then, he now can add them making him an even better match. Interesting, isn't it?

Oh, and this job pays a significant amount more than what he is being paid now even though it is a step down from what his current position. We were asked if we would willing to relocate, which would be a problem with the housing market as it is, but they were looking to have someone in Atlanta so that might not be necessary and there will be travel with this one as well, but we are used to that. So, we will be working on his resume and trying to get him well enough for an interview.

Prayer Request
Now the question this coming from my Lord? I mean, it seems so unlikely, so out of the blue, that it is just like the Lord to do something like this!

However, I also know that we have made the worse decisions when we did not follow my Lord's guidance, so please pray that we only do as the Lord would have us do, if he is offered the job.

~ My Lord, if this is from You please make it known to us and guide us always in making the right choice, the one You would have us make. ~


  1. Praying for you dear friend! I pray that the Lord will direct your paths, and that if this is truly to be that he will open the doors in all the right places and at the right times.

  2. I have not broken my fast yet so will lay this before the Lord today & continue my fast for today at least. Sounds exciting...

  3. Thank you both and all the others who did not leave a comment.


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