Saturday, January 8, 2011

Colds Be Gone!

Love is staying up all night with a sick child -- or a healthy adult.
~David Frost

Rarely has my daughter been sick and even more rarely my husband, but he was sick with a really nasty cold for over a week that he just got over in time to go to the men retreat with three others from our church. He left yesterday and should be back tomorrow...briefly.

Since the men are away, the women are running church services and I was asked to sing, however Princess woke up with a cough and a bit of a sore throat yesterday, which is how it started for my husband. She also complained about dizziness, but there was no detectable fever at that time. Right after my husband left for the men's retreat, the fever became official. The Princess stayed in bed all day and slept a good portion of it. This morning she still has a fever, so she will be in bed for today as well.

It does not appear we shall be going to church at all tomorrow; my confirmation came late last night, when my throat began to feel a bit sore. Perhaps just the dryness in the air, even though the humidifier is working well? This morning, the soreness is a bit more pronounced, so I made a smoothie with honey for our breakfast to sooth our throats. I think I am beginning to feel that "off" feeling, maybe some dizziness...? Oh, no! There are times when mothers just must not be sick...actually, I am not sure there is ANY time mothers may be sick! However, when I get sick, I usually am really down, and I just cannot be when the Princess is and my husband not only is away now, but will be away all next week too.

It is embarrassing, but we still must get our Christmas tree down tomorrow too!

~ My Lord, You are Creator and Healer, please make us whole and healthy. ~


  1. At least one good thing is that you homeschool, so if you and Princess aren't feeling well you can snuggle up together and watch a movie, without worrying about her getting behind in school! Praying that you all get well quickly!

  2. I would love to snuggle with her and watch movies all day long, but she enjoys that too much and then tends to play sick, so this time she is in her bed and I am trying to take care of things. She was allowed to pick one movie around lunch time and then go back to bed. She is feeling better today, but her temperature is still elevated and her throat is still sore. One of her friends came over to play and told me she just got over strep throat herself, so that could be what she has.


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