Monday, December 20, 2010

Advent Day 20

I'll be home for Christmas;
You can count on me.
Please, have snow and mistletoe
And presents on the tree.
~ Buck Ram, Kim Gannon, and Walter Kent


Reading: The ancient Druids regarded the mistletoe as sacred and magical and made sure that it never touched the ground. They believed that the green leaves and white berries brought love and good luck into their homes. They also believed that because of its magical powers, anyone standing under the mistletoe must be kissed of the mistletoe would lose its powers, and the person would be unlucky in love during the coming year.

I could write more about the legends and ritual uses of mistletoe, about how the plant itself grows—interesting as it is a hemiparasite in nature often found growing in trees—and of its medicinal qualities, even as a cancer treatment! However, right now I am thinking of that kissing thing. I have been talking to my daughter over the years about how kissing should be something done with only her husband. She has seen so much kissing on TV and since our service is coming back on, I am thinking so these conversations will again commence. (Right now, we are considering turning the TV service off for good after the holidays and looking at Netflix as a thrifty and parent-controlled alternative.)

I remember we used to watch reruns of "Seventh Heaven" about a Christian based family, but I felt that the teenage girls making out with different boyfriends nearly in every episode was a rather harmful influence. My husband and I are of the mindset of courting, an old fashion idea perhaps that has been gaining in popularity among conservative Christians. I have heard people say to me "good luck with that" as if it is impossible in this day and age. Probably the same people who think it is impossible for a child not to want the wear the latest skimpy fashions that my Princess finds embarrassing, as she says it. Yes, some children reject and attempt to circumvent their parents rules, but there are some who see the wisdom of them and try to obey.

As to the excuse for embarrassing people to kiss that we call mistletoe, it's just not for my daughter. It is a tradition we can do without.

~ My Lord, some traditions seem innocent and yet undermine Your teachings on purity. Please help us desire traditions that honor and please You more than those that please our peers. ~

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