Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Day 3

The bitter past, more welcome is the sweet. ~William Shakespeare


Reading: The colonists brought the image of the pineapple to the New World as a symbol of friendship and welcome. Sea captains would hang them on the front door of their homes or gatepost outside as an invitation for friends to visit, share a meal, and listen to tales of their voyages.

Did you know that since 1681 the pineapple has been recognized as a Christian symbol or that Williamsburg, one of the colonial settlements, was well-known for its pineapple decorations? I wonder if it was its sweetness that appealed so much to them or just its shape...?

~ My Lord, thank you for my sweet, welcoming friends. May I be as sweet and welcoming to others who need to know You. ~


  1. Well now.. ya learn something new every day! I knew that the pineapple was a symbol of welcome, but never knew it also symbolized Christianity♥ It makes me love them even more;-}

  2. As a little boy in Hawaii I was crazy about pineapples, their taste and the vast lines in the fields. There is something special about a pineapple just as everything God makes. Including us. God calls us the apple of his eye! May his love be with all our readers. In Jesus,


Thank you fellow travelers for walking and talking with me along this journey.